Entertainment Industry Enthusiast
Music Business
Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
School: City College
Major: Music Business

Entertainment Industry Enthusiast

Justin Werner
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An enthusiastic professional with an independent business owner background who is committed to building productive relationships through innovative contribution and affective networking.
Business Owner, Justin Werner Music, Long Beach, CA 02/14 - current
● Increases business and revenue annually by setting quotas and meeting/exceeding them.
● Sustains momentum by securing new customers and maintaining strong relations with existing accounts. ● Generates public awareness through affective use of PR and creative content.
● Creates marketing campaigns on social media to sell services and products.
● Develops product and service procedure as well as custom contracts to suit specific clientele.
Music Producer/Composer, Justin Werner Music, San Diego/Long Beach, CA 02/09 - Current
● As the composer and engineer produce song arrangements for movie and commercial soundtracks
● Administered negotiations with movie sound designers for maximum return upon delivery of product.
● Collaborated with production team to develop quality recordings and compositions to fit specific requests.
Film Soundtrack Assistant, Music and Motion Pictures, San Diego, CA
● Assured proper placement of music in video and commercial (B2B and B2C) productions ● Upheld daily communication with artists and team to assure smooth production
● Assisted sound designer with needed additions to music production.
● Scouted talent for music video projects
Special Education Assistant, San Diego Unified School District, San Diego, CA
05/17 – 10/19
08/07 - 02/14
● Provided proper guidance and care to students with special needs and cognitive disabilities
● Mediated between teachers and administration for proper implementation of curriculum modification. ● Supported teachers in the instruction and planning of daily lessons and activities.
● Aided in the coordination of school events and outings
B.A.,(Frozen) Music Business, San Diego Mesa College
Competent with Facebook/Insta Ads and Google Adword Proficient in MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook Experienced with Squarespace, Click Funnels and Ad Development Familiar with Photoshop, Photoscape, Pro Tools and iMovie
Passionate about social media, photography and fitness

Music, fashion, production, photography, Public Relations, Marketing,