Emily Birmingham Resume
Strategic Communications and Theatre Arts
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: Calvin University
Major: Strategic Communications and Theatre Arts

Emily Birmingham Resume

Birmingham Emily

About Me: I’m ENERGETIC and MOTIVATED. My work ethic is driven by the DESIRE to find answers to all my unknown questions, to reach PERFECTION in every aspect and detail, and to create PASSIONATE, RESPECTFUL connections with whomever I encounter. My VISION is to create a world where work is based on building WITH each other, not against. I FIGHT for the SUCCESS and WELL BEING of others, and see myself as a small part of a beautiful, BIGGER PICTURE.

CALVIN COLLEGE: Michigan: Major of strategic communications and performing arts: Deans List & Honors

Chicago Children’s Theatre Guest Services Coordinator/ Event Rental Assistant - current - Gala, Festival fundraising, and birthday party rentals
- Box office data, email responses, answering phone calls, building tours, and field trip supervisor.
Gala Event Coordinator for Salt & Light Coalition - current
- Entertainment contact, touring the space, procuring donations, set up/display of stage space and other art pieces supporting the event, & video creative
Anthropology seasonal Visual Design Assistant/ Sales Advisor - 2018
Calvin College Administrative Admissions Assistant - Winter 2018
Intern at A.K. RIKK’s Luxury Fashion - Summer 2018
- Event Planning for fundraisers, parties, weddings, and other in store sales events, store visual designs Multi-Cultural Activities Coordinator for Calvin College - 2016-2018

Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iMovie, Adobe Photoshop, Ovation Tix, and Hoot Suite, Customer Service, Diversity Leadership Official, Sales (retail, product, entertainment) Social Media, Print, and video Marketing, Ability to Work Under, Pressure, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork Adaptability

Art, film, design, creative, marketing, hospitality, growth, community, passion