Elvyn's Resume
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
University: Moorpark College
Major: Game Design

Elvyn's Resume

Elvyn Leviste

Los Angeles, CA | Cell:xxx-xxx-xxxx | xxx-xxx-xxxx | xxx-xxx-xxxx

Microsoft C#
Level Design
UI/UX Design
Game Design Documents (GDD)
Game Design Theory
Gameplay Balancing
Gameplay Mechanics

Kirsa (PC) Team EDJE January - May 2019
Roles: Game Designer/Gameplay Programmer
Misc: A 2D deck-building dungeon crawler built in Unity. A 4 person project including artists and programmers, in which I took on multiple roles. As the Lead Game Designer and Producer, I led the project development for player experience as well as created deadlines for the group. For the programming side, I designed and implemented:

Card and forge systems
Player controls and attacks
Player hitboxes and player detection
Enemy AI and Player detection
Sliced 2D sprite sheets and applied animations
Player experience and gameplay balancing

Reset Rush (Board Game) Bad Game Studios March - May 2019
Roles: Game Designer/Producer/UX Designer
Misc: A card based board game in which you find gear, battle monsters and people, and collect Victory Points. As a designer, I developed the player system along with the battle system for the game. I added to our game by creating a fun, exciting and replayable game with the focus on the development and balance of the player, battle mechanics, monster.

Dying Sunlight (Board Game) February - March 2019
Roles: Game Designer/Producer/QA Tester
Misc: A board game similar to Pandemic where one team’s goal is to infect all the towns, and the other team’s goal is to purify. As Producer, I streamlined our workflow by generating deadlines for the group and making sure everyone delivered the work I requested. For the Game Design portion, I introduced, developed and refined the character classes and mechanics.

Fort Wars(Board Game) January - February 2019
Roles: Game Designer/Producer/QA Tester
Misc: A strategy board game where you use gain and use resources to try and defeat the opponent’s king. Worked together with a 4 person team to think of a game mechanic to create a game around. I worked with the main mechanic and developed the functionality, systems, and gameplay balancing.

LLL (PC) Team KLACK January 2018
Roles: Programmer/QA Tester
Misc: Developed a fully functioning radio for the game LLL for the Global Game Jam of 2018. Contributed to the group of 4 as the Unity Programmer and QA Tester.

Game Design Associates - 2017 to current
Moorpark College - Moorpark, CA

game design, intern