Ella Pedrozo
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Location: Austin, TX, USA
School: University of Dallas
Major: Spanish

Ella Pedrozo

Ella Pedrozo
Austin, Texas

I am a highly motivated recent graduate of the University of Dallas, and am experienced in working with people of all ages and temperaments. I have frequently used Spanish in my jobs, whether in formal writing or communicating with customers, parents, or children. As a Spanish major from a liberal arts university, I have learned the discipline of writing properly in both Spanish and English in subjects ranging from legal matters to literature prose. I am well versed in the art of translation, (legal, sport/news, literature and the like) creative and analytical writing, and journalism in both English and Spanish. I have a deep knowledge and understanding of liberal art subjects such as western world history, American history, philosophy, art and architecture, social sciences, Spanish and English Literature, theology, and both formal, written music and contemporary pop music. Having been raised in a bilingual household, I have native-level linguistic competency in Spanish which was expanded by my major.

High School Diploma James Bowie High School, Austin, TX|Honor Student|May 2015|

B.A.(Spanish) University of Dallas, Irving TX|Honor Roll|May 2019

Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Learning Academy | June 2019 to Present
I currently work with children aged 5 months to 3 years of age in a completely Spanish learning environment; my primary roles are centered around teaching Spanish vocabulary and sounds. The only language spoken throughout the day is Spanish. I also write the monthly newsletter.

Spanish Tutor | September 2019 to Present
I currently tutor a young elementary student in Spanish three days a week. Duties include teaching sounds, colors, shapes, and reading.

Caretaker for Elderly Grandmother | May 2019 to Present
I currently take care of my elderly grandmother daily who speaks only Spanish. We have had nurses come who needed me to translate for them while they performed their checkup.

Group and Individual Coach | Avila Soccer | Summer 2018
I worked with children aged 5-16 to hone and develop their soccer skills. I worked both with large groups of children and also did individual lessons.

Assistant in the Cowboy Cup Lacrosse Tournament | November 2018
Reffed boys and girls lacrosse games, aged 7 to 16, and helped document scores, fouls, and other stats during the games.

Assistant in the EXACT SPORTS College Soccer ID Camp | November 2017 and December 2017
Assisted college coaches from different areas around the country to help run the ID camp smoothly. Took photos of players during scrimmages and helped guide coaches through the daily schedule.

Soccer Coach | Coast to Coast Soccer, Jack C. Binion Elementary | January 2016—May 2017
Worked with kids ages 6-11. Taught soccer skills as well as movement games. Directed and demonstrated outdoor activities to keep kids active; offered a leadership role for young students. Communicated with parents in Spanish.

Music Album Photographer and Musician | Blind Man’s Bluff | 2016
Took pictures for the back cover of the album. Played on the song Spinning. Spent many hours inside of recording studios and observing editing and recording.

Waitress | Hecho En Mexico | February 2015—May 2015
Communicated with customers in both English and Spanish. Carried heavy loads. Assisted multiple customers at once. Bussed tables and took phone and in-store orders in English and Spanish.

Nanny | Summer 2013
Watched over three children, ages 6, 8, and 10 from 9pm to 4pm Monday-Friday.

Organized, knowledge of Microsoft Word Programs, effective communication skills, leadership skills, self-motivated, team player, flexible and resourceful, fluent in Spanish, hard worker, great reader, fast learner, love of learning. I have strong research skills and work well under pressure. I also play several instruments, including voice, guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, ukelele, and have just started violin. I am familiar with music programs such as Ableton live lite 9, Musescore, and the Keystation49es M-Audio keyboard. Thorough knowledge of MacOS and Apple products. Plenty of experience with photography.

Music, Spanish, Translation, MacOS proficient, familiar with music software programs, Music theory