Drew Lussenden Resume
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Location: Carlsbad, CA, USA
School: University of British Columbia
Major: English Literature

Drew Lussenden Resume

Marketing, Content Creation, and Copywriting Professional with over 1 year of direct experience and newly acquired Bachelors in English. History spearheading the execution of comprehensive marketing, outreach, and awareness campaigns. Lead market research, content development, audience segmentation, metrics monitoring, and event management. Experience utilizing formal education in writing to craft messaging to build understanding, drive engagement, and prompt action. Proven history crafting copy and incorporating data to improve the number and quality of conversions.

Core Competencies
• Marketing Communications
• Copywriting and Editing
• Marketing Strategy
• Content Development
• Social Media Management
• Community Development
• Cross-Functional Partnerships
• Vendor Relations

Professional Experience

Copywriting and Marketing Intern
Upper Deck, Carlsbad, CA Dec 2018 – June 2019
• Contribute to marketing and content creation projects, ideate and implement new and improved marketing strategies, build targeted campaigns, social media posts, and advertising copy, manage social engagement, and track related metrics to use in future actions.
• Lead creation and posting of engaging written, photo, and video content to build Facebook and Instagram presence, design copy, layout, and images, and partner with Design Department to ensure consistency with branding guidelines; increased online customer engagement and grew social media followers.
• Manage social analytics including reposts, comments, click-through rates, and leads to optimize effort and spend throughout the marketing campaign lifecycle; update campaigns according to social media analytics to improve overall engagement.
• Spearhead human-interest projects focused on the impact of products on customers, directly interviewed featured individuals, developing stories to create engaging and on-brand material, ensure tone and style of content, and work with managers to edit content and publish features; secured additional media coverage and positive PR, and increased customer engagement.
• Led development of new marketing and messaging standards, researched marketing platforms, mediums, and influencers, analyzed ad rates, demographics, views, follower engagement, and previous partnerships, and identified targeted YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and magazine partners.
• Manage partnerships with PR, publication, and social media influencer personnel, researched and identify partners that would support company image, tone, and demographic, and negotiate rates, distribution, content, and demographic specifics; secured the first relationship with a social media influencer and improved new product awareness.

B.A. English
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC 2015- 2018

Additional Skills
• Previous retail and marketing experience at Jamba Juice (Aug 2013-Aug 2014), Legoland (May-Aug 2017), UBC Cafe (2015-2017)
• Attention to detail, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar
• Developing written content for various mediums, genres, and audiences
• Multitasking, deadline oriented, and capable of balancing multiple projects simultaneously
• Crafting content consistent with company tone, message, and branding standards
• Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Writing, Editing, Marketing