Doctorate Student Looking for Experience
Public Health
Location: Statesboro, GA, United States
School: Georgia Southern University
Field of study: Public Health

Doctorate Student Looking for Experience

Neil Patrick Morte
Curriculum Vitae

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA
Masters in Public Health-Applied Biostatistics/Epidemiology, August 2015-May 2017

University of California, Riverside, Riverside, CA
B.A. Public Policy, September 2011-June 2015

Riverside University Health System: Public Health, Epidemiology-Student Intern, September 2016-May 2017
 Assist with projects and attend meetings; MPH Fieldwork
 Projects: Health Equity Data Project, Briefs and Reports on Current Health Issues in the United States, CVD Mortality Report

Bureau of Indian Affairs-Intern, July 2014-December 2014
 Gather information and develop recommendations for land use management and planning for a Native American tribe impacted by illegal dumping and jurisdictional issues with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
 Through UC Riverside Public Policy Internship Program

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles-Research Assistant, February 2016-January 2017
 Principal Investigator: Caitlin Smith Sayegh
 “A Pilot Study Using Cell Phone Interactions to Improve Medication Adherence with Adolescents Transplant Recipients”
 Serving as an Adherence Facilitator to investigate whether phone support calls to adolescent organ transplant recipients improves medication adherence

Claremont Graduate University-Student Assistant, October 2016-Present
 Principal Investigator: Dr. Javad Fadardi
 The Motivational Research Project Pilot Study: Assessing if Goal Change Measure (GCM) will have any persuasive impact on participants’ goal distance and wanting to improve health behaviors

 Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, Cancer Survivorship, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Environmental exposures and genetic factors of cancer, Translational research, Community-based Participatory Research among vulnerable and underserved populations, Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL), Chronic Disease: Diabetes, Obesity, Behavioral and Community Health

Apptology Inc.-Health Writer, January 2017-Present
 Researching and writing health articles for mobile applications

Pitzer College Gold Student Health & Wellness -Health & Wellness Program Assistant, September 2015-May 2016
 Assist in planning and implementing various wellness programs, events, and campaigns on campus
 Oversee Peer Health Educators under direction of the Coordinator

University of California, Riverside Student Health Services-Preventive Care Advocate, May 2014-June 2015
 Assist the Campus Health Center (CHC) in raising awareness and utilization of services
 Educate students about various health topics and issues that directly relate to the general concerns students may have regarding their health, as well as, the care provided by the CHC

The Academic Advantage-Private Tutor, December 2013-April 2014
 Private tutor for elementary school children in math and/or language arts

Alvord School District After School Programs-America Counts Tutor, October 2011-April 2012
 Teaching elementary students 1st to 5th grade in the subjects of math and language arts

Randall Lewis External Evaluation Project-Note-Taker, November 2016-March 2017
 Taking notes during preceptor and alumni interviews for Randall Lewis Fellowship to be evaluated for improvement
WiRED International-Volunteer Writer, October 2016-Present
 Assisting with creating a module by writing a narrative for the general public on what to do when an infectious disease impacts a community and explain the critical role they have

Claremont Graduate University Student Council-Representative, January 2017-Present; Secretary, October 2016-January 2017; Delegate, September 2015-May 2016
 Representing the School of Community and Global Health
 Promoting concerns of the graduate student body and communicating with CGU faculty and administration

School of Community and Global Health Student Association-Secretary, April 2016-Present
 Facilitate interdisciplinary student Collaboration, build community and global engagement opportunities, and make culturally dynamic contributions to the field of public health

The Cleft Foundation-Health, Nutrition and Epidemiology Chairperson, March 2016-March 2017
 Researching the nutritional and epidemiological factors contributing to birth deformities such as spina bifida, anencephaly, cleft lips, cleft palates, etc. in developing countries
 Creating and implementing research interventions and studying the outcomes

Morning Sign Out-Health & Wellness Copy Editor, January 2016-June 2016
 Improve the public’s literacy in science and medicine through online articles
 Understanding and knowing how to apply structure, organization, style, grammar, and content to articles

Diabetes Free Riverside (DeFeR)-Volunteer, August 2015-Present
 Diabetes and obesity prevention partnership between Claremont Graduate University, Riverside County, and the Community Translational Research Institute
 Screenings for diabetes and other chronic-disease health factors as well as interventions

Clearing the Air Program-Ambassador, February 2015-June 2015
 Promote smoke and tobacco-free policy at UC Riverside through campus outreach, participation in campus activities, and partnerships with various campus organizations

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Transition Advising-Peer Mentor, September 2014-June 2015
 Assisting students with academic difficulties and transition to new majors

USC Kicks for Kids-Volunteer, September 2014-April 2015
 Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for children with special needs in the greater Los Angeles area
 Weekly soccer games
American Red Cross-Inland Empire-Youth Services Program Volunteer, August 2014-November 2014
 Attend Red Cross Club meetings, administrative work and data entry for various programs

Sam’s Club Healthy Aging Fair- Bone Health Clinic-Store Leader-San Bernardino, California Location, July 2013
 Using FORE Fracture Risk Calculator for bone health consultations
 Discussing results with patients/customers for risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis

UC Riverside Counseling Center-Stressbusters Peer Educator, August 2013-June 2015
 Assist students with time and stress management

The Well/Active Minds-Staff Volunteer, March 2013-June 2015
 UC system-wide Mental Health/Healthier Campus Climate Initiative providing a safe, supportive, and connected campus environment through the promotion of healthy minds, bodies, and communities
 Educate students about mental health issues, coordinate events, and share mental health and wellness resources

Be a Hero, Become a Donor at UCR-President, January 2012-June 2015
 Spreading awareness about bone marrow donation and registry for leukemia patients
 Signing individuals up for the bone marrow registry to be a potential donor

Project Josh and Friends at UCR-Co-President, September 2011-June 2015
 Fundraising to give care packages to sick children at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital

The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)-Collecting Cancer Data: Lung, Epi Moment, December 1, 2016
 ------------
 Time: 44:12-1:02:43

Protecting Human Research Participants-National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research, August 2015-August 2018

Global Health Fellowship Scholarship: Fall 2015-Spring 2017
UC Riverside Dean’s Honor List: Winter 2013

Southern California Public Health Association-Student Member, July 2015-Present
 Promote individual and community health
 Public health leadership to enhance health promotion, reduce disease and injury and promote public health policy efforts in Southern California

Operating Systems: PC, Mac
Software: Microsoft Office, SPSS (basic), SAS (basic)
Languages: English, Spanish (basic), Tagalog (basic)
Organization-Taking notes, documenting, reporting
Working collaboratively or independently