Digital Content Specialist
Location: Luling, LA, USA
School: Tyndale
Major: Theology

Digital Content Specialist

My name is Shawn Boutwell. And everything you are looking for in a Digital Content Specialist, I believe I have. I use those skills every day.

Every day, I use the latest multi-platform social media management software (eclincher) for daily posts as well as scheduled posts. This software publishes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others at once and lets you track the analytics of all aspects of social media, from interaction, to hashtag effectiveness.

I also use (Restream) that can broadcast to 30 different platforms at once. I own the pro license to all the software and have the ability to do what you are looking for right now and to the fullest extent.

I have a camera, video, and audio equipment and software, even a drone, to begin right away establishing your brand.

I am a Digital and Social Media Content developer. I specialize in Website Content Creation, Writing and Editing, and Website Content Management Systems. With the software I mentioned above, I post and monitor social media daily.
Social media drives modern narratives around the world. I also understand Facebook advertising and add setup.

I am a storyteller, be it through, voice, video, or music. I have written and published several books and stories. I understand how to use social media to tell a story and generate followers. I have learned expert social media skills and understand its rules along with how to generate interest.
I am proficient in writing, photography, video, lighting, social media, and production.
I am a team player. My mind doesn’t stop producing and I excel in a fast-paced atmosphere, with a self-editing, drive. I think outside of the box, but I play nice in it. And I do it to spear-head growth.

Because of my media skills, I have 17.5k members in a private group on FB (which I built) with a staff of 8 admins and moderators. I have 16.5 followers on Twitter. I have a youtube channel with 78k subscribers and a back-up channel with almost 4k.
For me – as a writer and entertainer – engaging my audience and holding them is the foundation of my craft. Every word, every image, every punctuation mark, is intentional and has one purpose: grabbing the audience and holding them ie. Making a follower.

From 2010 to the present I have made a living exploiting social media.
Oh, and I love the South and I love, love, love New Orleans. Born and raised baby!
Whatever area I am lacking in, I will apply myself to learn and master. I would be honored to speak to you regarding his position. Please find samples of my work below.

I look forward to speaking with you. I am looking for a part-time marketing position.
Shawn Boutwell

Work History and related experience
From 2010 to 2017 I built an adjusting company using social media, web-site, and media skills.
From 2017 to the present I have used social media, and digital media to create a successful YouTube channel.
From 2000 to present I have written several books and recorded several albums and songs that I have used social media to sell.

I received an associated degree from Tyndale Biblical institute and seminary.
I have attended several workshops and seminars on writing, speaking, and social media.

youtube, video, sound, marketing, social media