Digital Cinematography
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Location: Plano, TX, USA
School: Full Sail University
Major: Digital Cinematography

Digital Cinematography

Adekunle Aseyemo (Shola)
6801 Canoe Lane
Plano Texas 75023
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My name is Adekunle Adeyemo a student of digital Cinematography with Full Sail University. I am interested in working as an intern with your organization.

Let me tell you a little bit about my past. Growing up in Nigeria I started making what I will call moc-television entertainment with a wooden box opened at both ends but covered with a white clothe at one end to serve as a screen, and carry out the action from the other end.

With a lit candle in the middle of the box, I would use cardboard cut into images of whatever I was projecting, and move them with sticks. More or less like a puppet show. I made cardboards to cast shadows on the white screen, performing acts like two boxers fighting. It was fun.

After my high school graduation, my parents couldn’t afford to pay my college tuition for a degree so I got a job with the Nigerian Television Authority as a contractor where I was involved in making television drama series. This was where I learned the art of television and film production hands-on.

Years later, I quit the job at NTA and became an independent filmmaker. I shot my first film in a 16 mm reversal format. This is a positive image on transparency capturing audio and picture together. Like a video.

Wanting to make a 16 mm negative film with an optical soundtrack, I experimented separating the pictures from the audio and then printing both out on a 16 mm negative film, with an optical soundtrack. It was a success. I made a 120 minutes negative film with an optical soundtrack from a reversal film.

After producing eight movies, I left for the United States of America where I shot two more movies that were sent to Nigeria for marketing. My desire to have a formal degree in digital cinematography led me to Full Sail University.

At Full Sail University, I am learning the phases of preproduction to postproduction delivery with an emphasis on critical evaluation as part of the directing process. I am also receiving lectures on editing techniques that have a profound effect on the mood and pacing of a story, Scriptwriting techniques that focus on the fundamentals of formatting, directing, postproduction delivery, to critical evaluation focusing on elements of planning, scheduling, and logistics as related to various types of production formats to create meaningful experiences for audiences.

I live and breathe big ideas with digital-first as my approach and I am in the process of bringing them to life. My creativity with a strong eye for art direction and design will give me the advantage of conceptualizing to lead fully integrated campaigns with digital-first thinking.

I am a coordinator, supervisor, and strategist for projects involving the creation of digital media. I am self-directed and able to work in a fast-paced, high volume, deadline-driven environment. I will bring passion, energy, and enthusiasm to work every day.

Shola Adeyemo