Detail-Oriented Animal Enthusiast
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Location: Seattle, WA, USA
School: Shoreline Community College
Major: N/A

Detail-Oriented Animal Enthusiast

Zane Evans
9051 11th ave nw Seattle, Washington, 98117 ------------) ------------

I have taken 3 courses of marketing so I know how to sell a product, as well as recognize the target markets for specific items. I also obtained the skills to properly communicate with customers respectfully and helpfully, and will represent the company in the best possible way. Looking to use my marketing knowledge to further my own experience, as well as further the business's success. I also have a loving passion for animals and animal care, owning cats, dogs, fish, frogs, and lizards throughout my entire life! Sports, especially soccer has always been an important part of not just my life, but family as well.

Professional Experience
Arsenal FC, Seattle, WA
Team Captain, September 2014– 2017
Used leadership skills to support teammates and help them
Earned the role of Captain through hard work and dedication to the team
As Captain I had the responsibility of control my team mentally and physically
Maintain my emotions to be respectful and to be a role model for my teammates despite how the game was going
Work and communicate with my coaches to help our team win

Cory MacDonald, Seattle, Wa
Caretaker, January 2016 – 2017
Helped keep the house clean
Did small house repairs
Helped me expand my communication skills
Gave me more real world experience

Grocery Outlet
Trasher, October 3rd - October 30th 2018
Stocked isles
Took out all trash
Swept entire store
Gathered shopping carts
Clean Bathrooms
Dealt with a lot of shoplifting

(schedule didn’t work out)

Courtesy Clerk, July 30th - September 20th

Mainly worked in dairy department (stocking yogurt, milk, eggs, butter)
Stocked regular aisles when needed (including frozen section of the store & whole pallets of ice)
Worked with a baler machine
Closing responsibilities (dairy department)
Comfortable with maneuvering large objects through stores (U-boats were used to stock aisels)
Practiced teamwork & timing (coordinating lunches and breaks along with other tasks with coworkers to be as productive as possible)

Shoreline Community College Shoreline, WA

Currently attend (taking my own personal break from school)

Additional Skills
Good cleaner (bathrooms, floors, aisles, etc)
Quick learner
Good listener
Social media savvy
Photography & other arts
Great with kids
Passion for animals

Animals, good listener, quick learner