Desiree Perry
Location: Reno, NV, USA
School: UNR
Major: Biology

Desiree Perry

Desiree Perry Cell: ------------ 3245 Clover Way
House: ------------ Building 4 Apt 211
Reno, NV

I won't make promises that I can't keep, but I am resourceful. I know how to prioritize, and I'm good at listening and multitasking even under the pressure of meeting deadlines. Most importantly, I believe in myself and my ability to be a team player by bringing my determination, dedication, and self motivated enthusiasm with me everyday.

Silverado High School Class of 2009 Cumulative GPA: 3.25
Advanced Diploma Specialized Studies: with Millennium Mathematics, Art, Cheerleading

University of Nevada, Reno Class of 2018 Cumulative GPA: 3.333
Bachelors of Science
with a major in Biology
Specialized Studies and Learned Skill Sets:
- Human, animal, and plant anatomy & physiology
- Genetics, ecology, biology, microbiology, ichthyology, evolution
- Physics, mathematics up through calculus
- Professional and group communications
- Computer technical savvy
- Lab work using the scientific method:
- Conducting independent as well as team research experiments from six years experience in ecology, biology, microbiology, genetics, psychology and sociology, physics, and mathematics
- Weeks spent camping and researching plants and wildlife throughout the Great Basin, Mojave, and Black Rock deserts of Nevada, California, and Arizona
- Dissection of human, plants, and animal anatomy
- uses of dyes for identification of microscopic tissue samples, viruses, and bacteria through fluorescent, compound (confocal & stereo), and electron microscopes (SEM & TEM)
- Physics engineering of technological advancements
- Mathematically and statistically inclined to precision through the use of complex analytical computer programs such as "R" along with others, also capable of precision through "by hand" calculations for interpreting data
- Writing and submitting primary research papers

- Increasing sales revenue and customer service for the company
- Cutting costs and saving time by identifying problems and coming up with fast efficient solutions through introduction and innovation techniques
- Implementing new procedures for developed systems to optimize special projects
- Won 2009 Beauty Competition for Intervarsity Christians' Group

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