Dental Assistant
Dentistry, Masters of Public Health
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
School: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Dentistry, Masters of Public Health

Dental Assistant

Qualifications summary

• Foreign-trained dentist with 5+ year experience working in family dentistry based private practice settings in various capacities including dental assisting, dental clinic coordination as well as a dental provider seeking to gain additional professional experience. Offering excellent experience assisting with direct patient care, routine laboratory and sterilization functions, computerized patient record, and office management.
• Effectively managed a high volume of the patient pool on average 15 patients per day within different academic and modern private family dental practice clinical settings in Bahrain and India. Display a warm friendly demeanor and gentle touch during all dental procedures, earning consistent praise from patients and employers.
• BLS and CPR certified – American Heart Association.
• International Dental License in two countries – Bahrain and India.
• Multicultural competency and can speak in multiple languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, Arabic, French.

Relevant Skill Highlights
- Instrument Sterilization Expanded Functions
- Operatory Preparation - Four-handed dentistry
- Preliminary Oral Health Exams - Teeth Cleaning (Ultrasonic Scaling & Polishing)
- Partial and full mouth impressions - Temporary fillings
- Model Casting - Fluoride & Sealant Applications
- Bleaching tray & temporary crown fabrications - Partial & full mouth radiographs

Relevant Professional Experience

Bahrain Dental Practice, Administrative and Outreach Experience
• General Dentist and Clinical Coordinator at Delmon Dental Center 01/2017 to 06/2019
Saar Culture Club: Health Promotion and Awareness Camp for All - 06/2014 to 06/2019
Health Promotion and Wellness Camp for Women and Girls - 03/2014 to 03/2019

Oral healthcare treatment and education provider, monitoring healthcare quality, and sterilization standards.
Supervisor- Dr. Layla Ali Mattar, BDS, and Dr. Saeed Ashoor, MDS
• Dental Assistant and Clinic Coordinator at Smile Studios Bahrain 02/2017 to 07/2016
Chairside assisting 8+ specialists a day, insurance, & reception handling, training new staff in dental assisting duties. Supervisor – Dr. Mohammed Al Khair, MDS

India Clinical Experience
• Intern, Sri Ramachandra University 10/2012 to 11/2013
Supervisor – Dr. Kandaswamy MDS and Dr. SathaSivaSubramanian MDS.
Trained in 8 different dentistry departments and worked under the guidance of esteemed Head of Departments and Professors.

• Intern, Apollo White Hospital 08/2012 to 08/2013
Supervisor – Dr. Karuna Nidhi, MDS
Assisted highly specialized dentists in delivering prosthodontic, orthodontic, pedodontics, and endodontic treatment care.

Educational Qualifications
UC Berkeley – School of Public Health – Interdisciplinary MPH program, Maternal Child, and Adolescent Health Specialty – 2020
Sri Ramachandra University – Bachelor of Dental Surgery – 2013

Dental Assistant