Dedriona Rachal
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Location: Houston, TX, USA
School: Houston Community college
Major: Doctrine in Medicine

Dedriona Rachal

Dedriona Rachal
14504 Briar Forest
Houston, Tx 77077

Hello My name is Dedriona K. Rachal I am 19 years old. Currently I am attending Houston Community College. I have a 1 year old baby boy. My goals in life is to become a Teacher, Veterinarian, or a Teacher who teaches Veterinarian Medicine. Right now my goals are set and I plan to attend online class, work, elevate, and get my degree within the next 3 years.
Teacher, Prince and Princess Academy; Houston, Tx — 2018
- Working here was one of my favorite occupations. I had my own classroom, my own curriculum, and my own rules. I got to work with the ages of 3-5 year olds everyday. I had 19 students mostly 4 year olds. I taught them sign language, beginners math and reading, and every now and then I threw in a etiquette lesson. Working here was such a good experience I got to learn how to control a large classroom. I got to teach young minds what I know. And meet many positive new connections.
Chili’s Restaurant; Houston, Tx — 2018-2019
I love love love working at Chili’s ; I waited tables from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. I was able to take home at least $65 + in tips everyday. I was able to come in early to finish any homework I need to complete. Some days I was allowed to stay late cover others shift make extra money. Working late hours at chili’s was very simple and productive.
Hair Stylist Assistant, Sophisticated Images; Sugar Land, Tx —2015-2018
- Sophisticated Images Hair Salon was located in a Alex Burton Hair salons. There I made phone calls everyday to confirm appointment and what was needed for the appointment. I greeted everyone who entered the room. I managed the Hair Stylist social media and appointments. And At the end of the day I helped clean. I learned a lot for this occupation. I learned how to socialize with people much older than me. I learned how to properly make phone calls. And working in a Hair Salon teaches you alot of social skills.
Volunteering, Primrose School of First Colony ; Missouri City, Tx — 2016-2018
While volunteering at Primrose I learned alot about kids and how to become a good caregiver and teacher. I came in at 3:30pm and left around 6:45pm. I was able to work with kids, shadow teachers, and sometimes work the front desk.
Elkins High School — Graduate 2018. Houston Community College — Currently Attending.
My Skills vary from different categories.
I am good with working with others; I know how to adapt to other people’s needs and also handle mine.
I am very understating in situation because I know we are all just human beings.
I am good with standing on my feet for a long time.
I am able to be social and I am capable of having a respectful conversation with many.
I understand the difference between business and play time.
I am simply a young woman trying to elevate no matter where I go or what I do. Elevate myself and elevate everyone and everything around me.