David Quizhpe
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Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: University of illinois at chicago
Field of study: Biochemistry

David Quizhpe

The objective is to show positive and strong prospective to any cliental. Plus, to make the work environment strong and efficient.
Skills Summary
I’m qualified to associating with people. Then knowing how to be in retail with clothing and different types of merchandise.

Degree / Date of Graduation
Alcott College Prep – 2957 N Hoyne Ave Chicago Il 60618
I was there for 2 years and my GPA at this school is a cumulative of 3.9 weighted GPA
For this semester I got an honor roll with A’s and B’s
The year 2017 I joined the school soccer team

UIC- 750 S Halsted St Chicago Il 60607
This 2018/2019 school year I joined this school and I’m planning to graduate on 2022

Name of Employer
Home Goods- 05/2018-09/2018
The responsibility in this field was that I was in the backroom sorting various material. The material needed to be sort from one department to another department. The biggest accomplishment in the company was knowing how to be more organize and have good remembering with the material. The biggest challenge in this position was you need to finish the materials that needed to finish by end of the shift.
Affordable Moving and CO.- 06/2018-08/2018
When I was working in this company the position was to organize the boxes and try to be on your feet. The biggest accomplishment in this company was to finish in a fast pace without taking breaks. The biggest obstacle in this company was the weather because the location interior was vastly humid.
Aeropostale- 10/2017 – 01/2018
In this position I was a sales associate. This position I was on the floor assisting people and maintain the neatness of the store. The biggest accomplishment was lasting during black Friday weekend because it was packed. The challenge in this company was timing during that weekend because people were wanting the product and most of the associates were busy and you need how to balance your time and space.
Awards and Acknowledgements
Type of Award / Award Description
My award was Sophomore year I was in a program that was very rigorous and complicated the program was called the IB Middle Years Program and I was in it since elementary school and I finished it in high school Sophomore year. The next achievement was this year 1st semester when I got A’s and B’s honor roll.

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