David Boyle
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Richmond College
Major: Journalism

David Boyle


917- 359 - 6956 ------------ ------------ davidiboyle Insta:@davidiboyle ------------/david.boyle. 1806
News and Digital Publishing Editor and Curator. I have lead Newsroom teams, chosen and directed coverage of every important recent event for major Online publications and a high profile News brand.
With outstanding judgement I can identify and promote stories and content that will resonate with viewers and readers - as they happen. I have extensive experience of the changing news cycle and different outlets here in the US along with global history in London publishing too. I have a passion for and excellent track record in breaking stories. I grasp the significance of images and video as components and often the crucial lead, of the storytelling package. I realize that the ‘mix’ is extremely important for the success of any channel. An early consumer of Social Media I am an enthusiastic fan of Facebook and Instagram.
+ Editor on ‘Fleet Street’ ​- responding to breaking news and events in the UK for more than 10 years in an extremely competitive environment reaching millions of readers and subscribers.
+ Brought to New York to transform famous News brand -Arrived in 2001 to improve and lead the way coverage was handled at News Corp’s New York Post. I was key in the switch to full color.
+ Lead the production of content that helped us pass the circulation of our closest rival ​- Constantly innovating I made direct choices that helped us win our race. I inspired a generation of journalists to think differently and critically about what they were selecting.
+ Conceived some well known Headlines and Visual layouts ​- I thrive in the fast pace of a national newsroom while making a constant series of detailed decisions.
+ Launched Online and TV Media Outlets​ – Spearheaded the operations, development, content, functionality and branding of both ------------ and PAGESIX TV, NYPOST and our IPad edition.
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News Gathering
News Editing
Photo Editing
Story Curation
Headlne Writing
Operations Management Program Development (Digital,
Print and TV) Account Management News Publishing Business Development Analyzing Data
People Management and
Development of strategy
Publisher’s Award​ from Lachlan Murdoch for a magazine series on the Pope (2005)
National Council for the Training of Journalists Program​ – Richmond College (Sheffield, UK)
Awarded 1 of only 12 annual spots in highly competitive college program
MANAGING EDITOR, PHOTO​ at NEW YORK POST, ------------ and ------------
New York, NY ▪ 2008 - 2019
Collaborate with all editors and team members to develop daily content strategy and choices. With editorial P&L responsibility for $7M, lead 24 team members to identify photography needs, assign projects to photographers and produce compelling content. Identify and secure strategic partnerships to strengthen the brand, access multiple non-competing revenue sources and leverage multiple communications/media mediums. Oversee multiple projects such as helping launch PAGESIX TV show. ​KEY MILESTONES:
+ Relaunched PAGESIX website to become ​No.6 entertainment news site in the US in 2018 with 28 million unique visitors
O Traffic increased 59% in 2018, 20% YoY and 302% since 2015
+ Partnered with team to secure partnership deal with TV and provided visual content for PAGESIX TV. Developed strategy for purchasing multi-year content to maximize profit for TV and print
o PAGESIXorderedbyFOXforseason1andrenewedfor season 2
o Securedexclusivevideoandcontentforshow
MANAGING EDITOR​ at ------------ (for THE NEW YORK POST) New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA ▪ 2007 – 2008
With full P&L responsibility for 3 year, $20M business, led the Post’s re-launch of its start-up ------------ brand – PAGESIX – to publish the latest magazine news, articles, videos and photos online. Planned and managed content, verticals, and all daily operations including hiring and training 25+ employees for news, videos and pictures. Directed editorial policy, publishing operations and edited stories and headlines. Oversaw design of website visually and functionally. Leveraged performance metric, analytics and SEO to
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drive traffic and conversions. Worked closely with producers and corporate departments to ensure a continual focus on quality, collaboration and communication. ​KEY MILESTONES:
+ NewsCorp Board anticipated pending recession and made strategic decision to shutter venture
despite increasing traction
o Trafficwasincreasing,withover1millionhitsononestory o 5 staff members were reassigned internally
PHOTO EDITOR​ at THE NEW YORK POST New York, NY ▪ 2001 – 2007
Hired to create vision, design strategy and implement a visual team that would transition the Post from black and white to color and transform the paper. Prepared photographs for particular projects. Built relationships with creative producers. Updated operations including equipment, methodologies, and processes. Managed staff of 12 FT (and commissioned 30 freelancers)​ ​award winning photographers with a budget of $5M. Identified, established and negotiated exclusive deals with suppliers by leveraging international connections to improve the product and increase circulation. ​KEY MILESTONES:
+ Circulation increased between 2001 to 2006 from 556k to 704k o SurpassedtheDailyNewsforthefirsttimein2007
+ Reevaluated team and structure and implemented a method for objectively evaluating and improving individual photographic skills. Process included identifying photographic subjects and conditions, establishing standards for reviewing photographs and communicating evaluations to photographers.
+ Attended a private interview with President George W. Bush in the Oval Office to produce photographs
Directed the digital production of breaking news and content from Britain's best-selling daily newspaper. Oversaw photo assignments by selecting, editing, and positioning photos and publishing images that provided best visual imagery for news, features, and sports. Led production for over 2 million copies in circulation each day. Secured deals with partners, agencies and readers to report exclusive content. ​KEY MILESTONES:
+ Secured high profile photo exclusives that launched circulation to over a million copies each day o PrincessDianaintheUSonvacation
o IRAbusbombattackontheAldwych
o 1993bombingoftheWorldTradeCenter
+ Pioneered the coordination of all 4 titles as group picture editor for News UK at the Barcelona Olympics
London, UK ▪
Established relationships with leading newspapers to create visual imagery for leading stories. Discussed requirements with clients during pre-and post-production to meet their needs. Researched each shoot, networked with other professionals, arranged photo shoot backgrounds, processed images, and conducted self-marketing. Covered high profile events, sports and leading, international news throughout Europe.
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Journalism Photo Editing