Data Analyst
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
University: Northeastern University
Major: Data Analytics

Data Analyst

Jigar Panchal

Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies Boston, MA, USA
Master of Professional studies in Informatics (Concentration: Analytics) Expected April 2020
Coursework: Foundation of Informatics, Probability and Introductory Statistics, Introduction to Analytics

Mumbai University, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology Maharashtra, India
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering May 2017
Coursework: Data Warehouse and Mining, Advanced Database Management Systems and SQL
• Programming languages: SQL, Python, R, HTML, CSS, PHP, C++
• Tools: RStudio, Tableau, Advanced Excel, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Webmaster
• Adobe: Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premiere Pro
• Operating Systems: Windows, OS X, Linux, OpenBSD

IPG Mediabrands Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Campaign Executive, Ad Operations February 2018 – August 2018
• Generated performance reports and created campaign summaries
• Interacted with Data Analytics Team and comprehended the campaign report and further settled on campaign decisions.
• Provided technical support on DCM and DSP to Global Advertising Operations Manager on projects

Sounds of Silence (NGO) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Digital Media Regional Lead Intern December 2015 – June 2016
• Managed Digital Marketing for the Entire Organization
• Administrated more than 15 people
• Performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) operations
• Enhanced the keywords google search results from 10th page to 1st Page.
• Acquired 3 client deals in a course of 6 months.
Mumbai University, June 2016 – May 2017
Simulation and Prevention from DDoS attacks (Python, PyQt5, IDS, PF Firewall)
• Lead the project and a Keynote speaker for project proposition and project competition presentations
• Responsible for developing codes in Python and linking it with different modules of OpenBSD
• Developed tool in Python and would ran it in OpenBSD OS, the tool would firstly create queues for different ongoing traffic on the network and then drop the suspected DDoS attacking IP address.
• Configured Intrusion Detection Systems and wrote rules in Packet Firewalls
• The tool was successfully able to prevent the system from DDoS attacks.
Associate Degree, August 2014-July 2015
Restaurant Franchisee Data Mining (MySQL, Tableau)
• Designed a mock database for a Restaurant Franchisee set and performed Data mining operations
• Build the databases, populating with essential data and, interpreted and articulated complex and long queries.
• Analyzed the results and subsequently returned insights to help, support and discredit business decisions

Computer Society of India, Digital Media, and Marketing Head August 2015 – May 2017
• Spearheaded all advertising campaigns, marketed college events in the city and on social media and achieved commendable outreach amongst students and alumni.
• Negotiated with sponsors, raised funds for committee operations. Organized workshops on Computer Cabinet Assembly, Basics of Python Programming, and Visual Programming with MS Visual
• Edited and published videos, posters, and banners for multiple CSI events’ promotions.

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