Data Analysis
Information System
Location: Long Branch, NJ, USA
School: Monmouth University
Field of Study: Information System

Data Analysis

Shabnam Zarin
980 Elizabeth Terrace, Long Branch, New Jersey, 07740
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May 2022 masters in Information Systems graduate seeking position in Technology /Telecom /Financial and manufacturing companies. I am a motivated self-starter. I am never satisfied with the Status because I am always trying to beat a personal best. Therefore, I love to challenge and constantly improve myself. I am dependable, flexible, and thus, I work well in a variable and fast-paced environment. I am passionate about a culture of learning quickly and teaching effectively. I am always sharing my knowledge to empower others. Furthermore, I take risks when looking for novel solutions to complex problems. Since I can solve system problems, I look beyond the surface to understand root causes of these issues.
Monmouth University(2020-peresent)
Information Systems(Management Trace) – Master Degree
Payame Noor University (2006 – 2010)
Industrial engineering- Bachelor Degree
*VISIO * SPSS *Java programing
• 2018 - Material Requirements Planning
• 2018 - Fundamental of Product Realization Process
• 2018- Applied Techniques of Lab Quality & Verification
• 2017- Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Basic Administration Course
• 2017 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Advanced Administration
• 2016 - ISO 14001 :2015
• 2016 - ISO 10002 :2014
• 2016 - ISO 10004 :2012
• 2015 - PRIMAVERA 6.0(COURSE 102&106)
• 2015 - ISO9001:2008 Requirements & Internal Auditor
• 2014 - ISO9001:2008 Requirements and Documentation Training
• 2014 -Successful Negotiation Principles Training Course
• 2014 -MS-EXCEL for Accounting Training Course
• 2014- Quality Management Tools
• 2013 -Waste control methods
• 2013 - Statistic Quality Control
• 2013 - ISO17025
• 2013 - General Quality Control
• 2013 - Process management
• 2013 - Professional Manager in Management Systems
• 2010 - SIX SIGMA
• 2010 - 360 Degree Evaluation Tools
• 2010 - Project Planning and Control
• 2007 - ICDL I&II
Professional Experience
+ Head of human capital planning and retention
- Handle all aspects of an organization's restructuring, which involves current and future employees.
- Provide information, updates, and job seeking resources for employees displaced from their jobs due to restructuring.
- Fulfill staffing recruitment needs which includes preparing job descriptions and salary ranges, posting and publishing available jobs, screening and interviewing candidates for employment and integrating new staff members into their assigned work areas.
- Conduct motivational activities.
- Monitor my team members` performance to ensure whether or not they are enjoying the work environment.
- Direct Report: 5
+Planning Expert
Oct 2016-July2019
- Identify planning and process of the quality management system.
- Evaluate the Process according to the indicators of processes.
- Design and implement the quality management system, control project, and cash flow provided.
 Ramak khodro
APR 2014 - Oct 2016
- Identify planning and process of the quality management system.
- Evaluate the Process according to the indicators of processes.
- Design and implement the quality management system, control project, and cash flow provided.
- Plan and establish sequence of operations to fabricate and assemble parts or products in order to promote efficient utilization.
- Estimate production costs, cost saving methods, and effects of product design changes on expenditures for management review and action.
- Control draft and design layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency using drafting tools and computer.
- Coordinate and implement quality control objectives, activities, or procedures to resolve production problems, maximize product reliability, or minimize costs.
- Direct Report: 2
 Tak System
+Q.C Director
May 2013– MAR 2014
- Control final product and raw materials. Re-engineer processes. Design OPC.
- Conduct time study.
- Collect and analyze production samples to evaluate quality. Stop production if serious product defects are present. Monitor performance of quality control systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
- Direct Report: 4
 Consulting Company
- Identification of process, planning of quality management system, evaluation of Process according to indicator of process.
MAR 2013– May 2014
 Fara Control Pouya
+ Planning Expert
MAR 2011-MAR 2013
- Control Project in Iran Khodro Co.
- Supply chain Management.
- Identify of process, plan quality management system, and evaluate process according to indicator of process.
Area of Experience
• Understanding of client requirements and technical specifications
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Knowledge of industry-relevant software, hardware
• Project management, scheduling, and planning
• Team building, leadership, and mentorship
• Client communications and interfacing to manage expectations
• Evaluated and prioritized process improvement opportunities for production operations
• Implemented 5S improvements to create and maintain a lean work environment
• Developed innovative solutions
• Implemented new manufacturing processes to minimize waste
• Leadership
• Ability to thrive dynamic environment and meet critical deadline
• Analytical and critical thinking