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Location: Providence, RI, USA
University: Rhode Island College
Major: Environmental Studies

Danielle resume

Danielle Boucher
74 Bay View Ave, Riverside, RI 02915 |xxx-xxx-xxxx | xxx-xxx-xxxx
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Hello Sir/Ma’am
I am a recent graduate of Rhode Island College. I have a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in chemistry. I have experience with collecting samples and running tests on samples in a laboratory environment. I also have experience with Microsoft work excel and PowerPoint. I also have some experience with GIS. I am willing to move and travel for work.
I hope you would please consider me for a position with your company. Thank you for your time.
Danielle Boucher

74 Bay View Ave | Riverside, RI 02915 |xxx-xxx-xxxx | xxx-xxx-xxxx

My objective is a career working in conservation either at the state or federal level. Prefer working with the conservation of animals and their habitat.

BA Faculty Arts and Sciences
Rhode Island College 05/11/2019
• Major in Environmental Studies
• Minor in Chemistry
• Related course work: Intro to GIS (Graphic Information Systems), ArcGIS online and desktop 10.3, Environmental Justice, Internship Environmental Research, Marine Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Intro to Geology

Management skills
• At my job I was promoted from sales associate to front end supervisor to lead supervisor within a matter of 6 months.
• Able to manage a crew of about 4
• Multitasking
• Produced over a dozen PowerPoint presentations for classes.
• Corresponded with my mentors during my internship regularly.
• Kept a detailed lab notebook
• Able to keep data and information organized and straight
• Customer service
• Answering phones
• Conveying information to clients regarding medications and care.
Leadership skills
• Ran the lab for my intern research project
• Set up the protocol for the experiment.
• Take initiative and trust in my ability
• Took point on a group project


Intern Research Assistant
Rhode Island College

• Made chemicals to run extraction test
• Kept detailed record of all work done and results in a lab notebook
• Developed excel sheets and graphs
• Performed soil moisture content
• Assisted in field work
• Collected data and
• Assisted in on site testing for moisture and temperature
• Assisted in testing for nutrient analysis for Nitrogen.
• Writing a scientific journal article for future publication.

Lab coordinator September 2017 –
Rhode Island College April 2019
Jan 2019 to April 2019
• Required to follow a manual of all equipment needed to run a lab experiment and set it up in a specific manner for every station depending on level and experiment.
• Breakdown the labs after they are completed and wash the equipment.
• Have to sometimes run controls and calibrate the equipment used like PH meters and spectrometer.
• Fill the chemicals and sometimes this requires making stock bottles.

Research assistant Ecology project
Rhode Island College
October 2017- December 2018
• Accompany the professors to the field to collect samples to bring back to the lab and run tests on the samples.
• Prepare soil for testing
• Using
• Enter data in a spreadsheet and formulate equations for light %.
• Run pH and conductivity tests on soil

Retail associate/key holder lead September 2013 -Party City Present

• Customer service.
• Cash out the customers when they have finished their shopping.
• Recover the store and do light cleaning (vacuuming, emptying trash, and cleaning the counter space).
• Push new freight to the sales floor.
• Set plan-o-grams for the new products.
• Answer phones.
• Work at the costume picture wall
• Assisting customers with choosing costumes and setting them up with the appropriate accessories.
• Communication with the crew in the back room and also with the customer to ensure the correct size and number costume is ordered.
• Promoted twice in a 6-month span but after 6 months as a team lead key holder, I stepped down to focus better on my studies.
• As a key holder manager, I was in charge of a crew of up to 4 or more employees. I would manage breaks and duties. During Halloween I would run the backroom and the employees that worked back there

Hostess/Receptionist 2012 – 2012
Fieldwork Boston

• Duties include general office work
• A hostess to the clients.
• Answering phones and transferring to appropriate personnel.
• Make calls to confirm appointments.
• Printing materials, accessing, emails, faxing reports, filing, paperwork.
• Use programs like Microsoft excel and Word sometimes PowerPoint internet explorer and outlook.
• My priority was to make sure our clients did not need anything while they were in our care.
• When we would have multiple groups going on, I was to make sure the right people got into the right rooms.
• This was a confidential marketing field studies, so I had to make sure I didn’t bring a respondent into a client room.
• The job involved a lot of multitasking with multiple clients and projects.
• End of the day we would have to clean the rooms and make it look like they had never had people in there.

Veterinary Assistant/ Technician 2005 – 2012
Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital

• Keeping the rooms fully stocked and clean.
• Drawing up the necessary vaccines that are needed for appointments.
• At the end of each of the appointments I cash out the client by using intravet software.
• Book appointments and surgeries for clients.
• Answer phones when the reception desk is unable too.
• Assist the techs in the back room with blood draws, restraining animals and with x-rays.
• Working as a technician I draw blood.
• Run CBC’s and chemscreens
• Take and develop x-rays, give vaccines and set i.v. catheters.
• I assist the Dr. in some surgical procedures.
• Treat and care for the hospitalized pets.
• As a receptionist, answer phones book appointments and boarding.
• Deal directly with the clients.
• Cash out the practice at the end of my shift.

Veterinary assistant/ Technician 1997 – 2005
Belinsky Animal Hospital

• I cleaned and feed animals that stayed in the hospital and treated those that required medication (oral and injectable).
• Gave subcutaneous fluids to those requiring.
• Helped the doctor in the exam room by restraining animals during routine exams and vaccinations.
• Setting up operating room for specific surgeries, laying out surgical packs and assisting in surgery with routine procedures such as spays (normal and complicated), neuters, tumor removal, biopsies, entropion, and declaws.
• Teeth cleanings on cats and dogs.
• Post-operative care, which consisted of dispensing antibiotics and pain meds.
• Hand raised newborn kittens and puppies.
• Was certified in x-rays and the development procedure.
• Blood draw and give injections.
• During regular hours when it became slow, I stocked the OR. And exam rooms.

Interests, activities and hobbies

Enjoy hiking, kayaking, and camping. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and family and having cookouts. In my down time I like to relax and read books. Enjoy going for leisurely drives. Have a love of animals and protecting them.

Personal References

• Karen Belcastro Parts Manager, First Student Providence. Warwick, RI xxx-xxx-xxxx
• Karen Hathaway Team manager, Benefit Concepts, Rehoboth, MA xxx-xxx-xxxx
• Betsy Mercer CPA, Laconia NH xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional references
• Jessica Bass manager Party City xxx-xxx-xxxx
• Sarah Knowlton Professor/Chair Physical science Dept Rhode Island College, Academic Advisor xxx-xxx-xxxx
• Roland De Gouvenain Professor Ecology, Mentor for 18 months xxx-xxx-xxxx

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