Daniela Marquez
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Location: Bogotá, Colombia
University: La Sabana University
Major: Audiovisual Communications

Daniela Marquez

Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to apply at your company. After going over your job description, it is clear that you are looking for a person who is familiar with the responsibilities that go along with the role and that can perform them confidently. Given these requirements, I am certain that I have the necessary skills to do the job adeptly and perform above expectation.

I am a hard-working college student currently attending La Sabana University in my home country, Colombia, studying Audiovisual and Multimedia Communications on my Senior year. Throughout my academic career, I have been learning constantly about team work, dedication, creativity and communication. While working on academic projects, I have proven my teammates and professors about my good multitasking and creative thinking skills, which I hope to bring into the Intern role at your company.

I am looking for a full-time, three to six-month internship (12 weeks minimum) starting in June, in order to graduate from university- I need the credit. I am willing to relocate and do the process needed in order to work in the United States.

After reviewing my resume, which I will attach as a photo, I hope you will see that I am the type of competent and competitive candidate you are looking for. I look forward to showing you how my specific skills and abilities will benefit your company. Please contact me at my phone number +57 xxx-xxx-xxxx (via WhatsApp) or via email at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Daniela Márquez

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