Dane Shitagi - resume
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: University of Hawaii
Major: liberal arts

Dane Shitagi - resume

Dane Shitagi
1268 76th st Brooklyn NY 11228 ------------ ------------ ------------

Professional Summary:

Seasoned commercial photographer with a focus on capturing dance and environmental portraiture. Created and cultivated the Ballerina Project over 19 years to amass one of the largest followings for classical ballet on social media (Over 1 million followers on Instagram ------------ ). Ballerina Project book published by Chronicle Chroma in the Fall of 2019.


photography, videography, Photoshop/retouching, social media influencer, photography production, fashion styling, inkjet/giclee print maker, c-print photographic lab tech

Professional Experience:

Ballerina Project
2000 to present - Creator, photographer, social media influencer, fashion stylist, social media administrator, pre / post production & glicee print maker.
Photographed a library of over 4,000 images over 19 years.
Casted and cultivated working relationships with professional ballerinas. Worked with many esteemed and notable professional ballerinas across the world.
Scouted locations to fit a particular concept, ballerina and/or the style of the project.
Styled outfits and looks for shoots.
Established and cultivated social platforms for the Ballerina Project. (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest) Managed post and feedback to these social platforms.
Established partnerships and sponsorships to collaborate with the Ballerina Project. Cultivated and pursued brands or entities that had synergy with the Ballerina Project. Created concepts and strategy for each collaboration. Managed and synchronized social media strategies. Created social media campaigns for Wolford, AG Jeans, Diesel, Enel, Palladium Boots, and the Starz Network.
Managed limited edition print making and sales for the Ballerina Project.
Ballerina Project book published by Chronicle Chroma in 2019.

Freelance commercial photographer
2004 to present - photographer, location scout, casting, production, editing and Photoshop.
Photographed for clients such as Fujifilm, Longchamp, Sony Ericsson, American Vogue, Cone Denim and Capezio.
Involved in pre and post production of most shoots. Casting, location scouting, editing, presentation and retouching/Photoshop.
Photographed Spring/Summer 2012 worldwide campaign for Longchamp. Model Coco Rocha was the principal talent for this campaign. Also involved in most aspects for this campaign; concept, location scouting, casting, and post production.

LTI - New York City
1999 to 2004 - C printer, client relations and night shift manager. Handled client relations from the evening to early morning hours. Liaison for night shift to daytime client relations. Worked with many top fashion photographers of that period of time.

photographer, influencer