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Location: Elk Grove, CA, USA
School: Consumnes River College
Field of study: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


9909 Winkle Circle
Elk Grove, CA 95757
Seeking a job to help support my career advancement and educational progression.
A determined and hard-working professional who puts excellence in everything he does, and works well with others. Military Veteran with strategic and disciplined mentality required to succeed in any situation and objective. Effective at working under pressure with precision and determination to follow instructions and lead when necessary. My qualifications include:
 Leadership experience
 Attention to detail
 Tools and technical equipment experience
 Educational and teaching experience
 Communication and social skills
 Native English Speaker
• Berlitz English Teacher in Wolfsburg, Germany 2019-2020
• Running back for Wolfsburg Blue Wings in the GFL (American Import Contract) 2019-2020
• Technical Support Supervisor for Salveo Ltd. Watford, United Kingdom 2018-2019
• United States Air Force Senior Airman Weapons Specialist and Aircraft Maintainer. Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina 2014-2018.
• VSP Global warehouse Floor attendant. Sacramento, California 2014.
• Cookie Jar Cashier and Food preparation. Elk Grove, California 2014.
• Old Navy Floor attendant and inventory manager. Elk Grove, California 2013.
• Tilly’s Surf and Skate shop floor attendant and salesman. Elk Grove, California 2012-2013.
• Christ Community Church presentation PowerPoint manager. (74 volunteer hours) Sacramento, California 2012-2013.

• Planned, Organized, and directed system maintenance activities resulting in a scheduled process of productivity.
• Established and evaluated performance and training standards, maintenance controls, and procedures resulting in clear guidance and work force productivity.
• Ensured compliance with policies, directives, and safety procedures that ensured safe practice of work place activities.
• Worked in a crew of three supportive individuals for four years successfully acquiring the necessary teamwork skills to maintain 100% efficiency.
• Tested electrical and electronic circuitry for continuity, voltage, and proper operation resulting in 100% functional equipment and serviceability.
• Disassembled, repaired, and replaced hundreds of mechanical, electrical, and pneudraulic mechanisms from release systems on a 1.1-billion-dollar Aircraft. (F-16)
• Tested for unwanted electrical signal or power before connecting electrically actuated explosives and propellants, resulting in safe procedures and increased attention to detail.
• Successfully armed and deployed over 1300 bombs and munitions contributing to the defeat of ISIS and others enemies against peace.
• Efficiently managed, controlled, maintained, installed, and monitored aircraft systems allowing further use of equipment and continuation of the objective.
• Supervised, instructed, and monitored the training and progression of the fresh recruits resulting in educated and determined Airman to continue the mission. As well as teaching foreign students seeking to become proficient in spoken English and Business English.
• Successfully marshalled Aircraft by communicating with the pilots in and out of combat zones.
• Pursuing a Career in Dentistry
• Current student at Consumnes River College
• German lessons with VFL Wolfsburg
• Northwest University (18 credit hours) Kirkland, Washington
• Community College of the Air Force. (41 credit hours) South Carolina, 2014-2018.
• Central Carolina Technical College (6 credit hours) towards Associates in Science. South Carolina, 2014.
• Attended California State University Long Beach for undergraduate’s degree in Biology. (12 credit hours) California, 2013.
• Elk Grove High School Diploma. California, 2013.
• Armed and deployed the bomb that destroyed a bridge contributing to the safe rescue of 70 Jordanian hostages and 2 Americans.
• Perfect Performance. Four years of Perfect-score evaluation performance reports in the United States Air Force. Zero discrepancies.
• Operation Inherent Resolve, Freedom, and Sentinel campaign medals. Two Deployments, Three successful missions.
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization Medal (NATO) 30 October 2017- 28 April 2018.
• Two Commander’s awards for two perfect-score training exit and career progression exams.
• Elk Grove High School 4 by 400-meter relay and 200-meter school record holder. Still unbroken.
• First American Import for the Wolfsburg Bluewings