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Location: Liverpool, UK
School: Liverpool Hope University College (LHU)
Major: Computer Games Development


Nisar Mirza
Liverpool, Merseyside,
X1 Borden Court, 145-163 London Rd.
L3 8JA
Extra Information: I am US resident with GREEN CARD.

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Second year student at Liverpool John Moores University embracing BSc Computer Games Development. As studies progressed, the course has given the knowledge of C++, PHP, Unreal Engine. I am eager to learn and like to take challenge to enhance my vision and capability. During the group coursework for developing 2D Game, advanced methods for solving and writing code were used; which included adapting to polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance methods and using agile scrum method to write cleaner and simpler code which is then easy to modify. Currently working part-time intern as unreal and 3d modeller to keep my timetable occupied at SceneGraph Studios.
• Coding expertise.
• Bug and issue detection.
• C++
• Unreal Engine with blueprints.
• PHP, CSS, HTML5 and jQuery, XML, Json.
• Graphics applications; GIMP, HLSL shaders, Hieroglyph, . • Libraries; SFML, LuaLib, Hieroglyph.
• 3DStudio Max, Daz Studio, Mudbox and Autodesk Character Generator
• UML diagrams creation.
• perforce, discord and Trello to manage workload and to make groupwork easier in terms of functionality.

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development: Computer Science
Liverpool John Moores University Expected in May 2022
• 80% First Class 1:1
• Completed coursework in Game Design, 2D and 3D graphics, Software Engineering and Web Development
• Use of advance C++ method for writing code e.g. polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation methods.
• Use of Trello utility tool to manage my individual projects or group assignment.
• Use of perforce to manage group assignment effectively in terms of coding.
• Increase of problem-solving skills by doing online courses and individual work.
• Adapting to the use of Agile Scrum method to work in group and write code according to coding standards to effectively match with specification given.
• Developed 2D side scroller game in Unreal Engine, I worked on Character interactions, Enemy AI, Hud. Building character movements to Enemy hearing range; If player enters a specific range, enemy starts to attack. Developing a fully working menu with game states including game pause option.
• Building 3D world construction from graphical primitives, using 3D mesh. This was built in HLSL, Hieroglyph using 3D mathematics. 3D objects were given different animations using 3D mathematics; Linear algebra, Matrix, Vectors, Trigonometry.
• Game Review website influenced by IGN created in eclipse using PHP (HTML5, JS). Creating different pages involving dynamic approach method, which resulted in changes of data to be easier and efficient.
• Group project, top-down 2D game built in SFML library. Shooting 2D game, where UI, character physics and Hud was managed by me. In Addition, I developed a feature where the camera would follow the character as it moves. This project was completed using several utility tools; perforce to complete the project.
• Playing games, being a competitive player in league of legends and Call of Duty before has helped me in identifying how mechanics in the game work e.g. micro and macro skills, muscle memory.
• Watching E3, Computex, ted talks, and live conferences are part of my routine, being UpToDate with technology is my will.
• Completion of course on unreal engine, which included knowledge from basic to advanced levels including all blueprints and shaders. Recently I have been doing a course published by Allan McKay on Visual Effects (VFX). I love working in Unreal
Unreal Engine developer and 3D modelling internship
Scene Graph Studios Liverpool (20/Jan/2020 to current)
• Developing application for android platform using unreal engine, which involved use of complex blueprints. Which also included use of sequencer.
• Worked on 3D models for the application on 3DStudio Max, blender.
• Worked closely with my CEO which helped in understanding more about the work pattern and how professional industry works. Engaged in conversation in ideation sessions.
Warehouse Operator
FedEx/ Oct 2019 to Jan 2020
• Maintained accurate and current order and shipment forms, inventory documentation and customer records.
• Examined packages and goods for damage and notified vendors of specific issues requiring replacement.
• Working closely with another member of the team to ensure an efficient and effective service
• Available upon Request

C++, Game Designer, Internship, placement year, PHP, unreal engine, Unity, gameplay programmer