Customer Service Resume
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Location: Reno, Nevada, USA
School: University of Nevada, Reno
Major: Theatre and International Affairs

Customer Service Resume

Audrey Brown
1327 Halsey Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237

My positive, patient and team oriented demeanor is a quality in which I have taken with me over the years of extensive customer service that I hope to share as I move forward with Apple. Two years with the company has evolved and enriched my probing and connection skills so I may troubleshoot customers needs and together, come up with the best possible solution for both new and returning customers in a timely manner. My strong interpersonal and knowledgable ways empowers and supports my team in all areas of the store.

-Product Zone Specialist: Downtown Brooklyn March 2018-Present
-Downtown Brooklyn has given me an unforgettable experience. The volume of clientele has given me the opportunity to grow and enhance my stamina and multitasking abilities. The many and diverse interactions I have encountered over the months has only added to my directory of solutions for the customer to walk away with as well as to share with my team as well as drive projected goals for that day.
-Supervisor: Marcia Joseph Contact Information: ------------

-Product Zone Specialist: World Trade March 2017- November 2018
-World Trade is where my journey with Apple began with integrating my previous customer service experience with that of the Apple culture and Apple steps of service. I learned how to create the energy, excitement and curiosity around the products as well as the services so the customer may leave with the best possible experience.
-Supervisor: Rene Farley Contact Information: ------------

-Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute January 2014-January 2015
One year conservatory program
-University of Nevada, Reno August 2009-December 2013
BA in Theatre and International Affairs, GPA: 3.78
-Alpha Psi Omega Inductee

Audrey Brown
1327 Halsey Street #3R ------------
Brooklyn, NY 11237 ------------
Highlights of Qualifications
-Intermediate in French
-Extensive customer service experience
-Responsible, reliable and well organized
-Strong Microsoft Office Skills (POS, Aloha,Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)
- Effective and articulate communication skills

Customer Service Experience

-Donna Cocktail Club Summer Season 2017
Hostess: As a seasonal hostess, I took on the responsibilities of welcoming guests,
making reservations, seating them appropriately and delivering drinks. This family
owned, unique rum bar receives a lot of attention, especially during the summer so multi-tasking, flexibility and team work is essential.
-Supervisor: Lief Young Huckman Contact Information: ------------

-Freehold Brooklyn October 2014-January 2017
-Barista: As one of Brooklyn’s highlighted cafe destinations, the baristas of
Freehold are required to be prompt and hospitable at all times. Duties consisted of
insuring great customer service, preparing coffee drinks, and maintaining inventory in a
fast pace environment as well as collaborate with Stumptown Coffee in order to keep a
well seasoned and knowledgable coffee menu.
Supervisor: Brad Gallagher Contact Information: ------------

-Luciano’s August 2013-May 2014
-Server: Destination spot known for high dining qualities, a server is responsible
for operating well under a high volume setting and possess the knowledge of every food
and drink item as well as the daily lunch and dinner specials. In addition to menu
knowledge, multitasking and effective communication skills are necessary to successfully conduct an order from the kitchen and bar to the customer’s table while maintaining a clean, presentable dining experience.
-Supervisor: Luc Gerber Contact Information: ------------
-University of Nevada, Reno: August 2009-December 2013
-Bachelor of Arts, Theatre and Bachelor of Arts, International Affairs
-GPA: 3.78

Customer service, sales, musician, guitars, friendly, reliable, positive, communication skills