Curriculum Vitae/Resume
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Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA
School: University of Michigan
Major: Pharmacology

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Samara Attalla

Master of Science, M.S. (2019)
Pharmacology — University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Science, B.S. (2015)
Nutrition and Food Science — Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

1. University of Michigan Pediatric Nephrology Clinical Translational Research Program – Ann Arbor, MI
A) Research Assistant (2016-2017)
B) Research Associate (2017-current)

• Experience in observational studies, clinical trial regulatory management and pre-clinical trial studies including wet lab techniques

• Observational Studies:
•Data Manager Lead
•Formulate management techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy and accuracy of data
•Manage all incoming data files from 6+ sites at a time
•Review data for inconsistencies or anomalies that could skew analytical results
•Creating of documentation procedures for data preparation including data cleaning, and standardization
•Generate and update documentation for data receiving
•Maintain close working relationship with the study sites

• Clinical Trials Projects:
•Clinical Trials Regulatory Support
•Support sponsor-investigators and study teams to provide regulatory guidance
•Critically review submission documents to ensure compliance with FDA regulatory requirements
•Creating and revising SOP’s and standard practice documents, documents and resources for the purposes of creating standard practice, templates and education/training materials
•Creating case report forms as per study protocol guidelines for database build

• Assisted in review of manuscripts/posters presentations/abstracts as appropriate
-Wet lab experience including biospecimen testing for biomarkers to analyze drug pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects

2. Sales Associate – Reitman’s – Windsor, ON (Aug 2016-Jan 2016)
• Ensuring high level of customer satisfaction through excellent customer service
• Assess customers’ needs and provide information on product features
• Restocking products weekly and changing the store interface
• Building solid relationship with coworkers and customers for a positive work environment
• Staying up to date on fashion trends in order to stay well informed and knowledgeable to best direct customers on their purchases

3. Pharmacy Assistant – Shoppers Drugmart Pharmacy – Windsor, ON (2014-2016)
• Pharmacy tech lead in the compound lab: compounding creams and liquid oral suspensions
• Enter medication orders into patient profiles via HealthWatch
• Dispensing prescription medications
• Correctly distributed controlled substances
• Respond to telephone inquiries
• Assist with training of staff
• Maintaining of pharmacy stock through inventory control systems
• Billing to multiple private and general insurances
• Resolve billing errors
• Offering customer service to customers on the floor

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2. Attalla, Samara, Women and the Media, Queen City Writers: A Journal of Undergraduate Writing & Composing, 2013, Volume 2.1, pg. 48.

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3. Troost JP, Attalla S, Tyus J, Gipson DS, Gipson PE, Selewski DT. Inadequate Monitoring of Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome. Poster for the 2016 Pediatric Symposium at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

1. Attalla, Samara. (2017, April). Proof of Concept Study: Tumour Necrosis Factor-alpha and biomarkers. PowerPoint presentation at the Pediatric Nephrology Clinical and Translational Research Program meeting. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2. Attalla, Samara. (2016, November). Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) Conceptual Model. PowerPoint presentation at the Pediatric Nephrology Clinical and Translational Research Program meeting. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week meeting – Chicago, USA - November 2016

Health Unit on Davison Avenue (HUDA) Clinic — Outreach Coordinator, Detroit, MI (2015 – current)
• Named after the clinic's original location in Detroit
• Funds development and management – holds fundraisers and contacts sponsors for aid
• Physicians and dentist liaison and clinic schedule management
• Patient care coordinator

• Scholar’s Award: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (2012-2015)
• Green Scholarship: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (2012-2015)
• Honor Roll: Vincent Massey Secondary School, Windsor, ON (2008-2012)

• Human Subjects Biomedical & Health Sciences Module
• Foundations of Good Research Practices Module
• Youth Mental Health First Aid certificate

• Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Tableau, SAS, Graph PadPrism
• Research Lab: Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) analysis, Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) testing, Reverse transcription, Pipetting, Data processing and analyzing, Centrifugation, Electrophoresis (Gel and Isoelectric focusing), Western Blotting
• Animal Care: Maintain animal records, administer medication, collect biospecimens, collect animal tissue samples, analyze tissues