Curriculum Vitae- Rajvi Shah
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Location: Houston, TX, USA
School: University Of Houston, Main Campus

Curriculum Vitae- Rajvi Shah

Rajvi Shah
Architect Intern
Houston, TX 77025

Motivated Architect professional, highly versatile at designing projects such as commercial, residential/housing, community/cultural centers and interiors of a place. Able to thrive in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments with strong multitasking, organizational and problem-solving abilities.Exceptional team builder and manager. Sales leader and relationship builder.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Work Experience

1. Kuke Associates - Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dec'17 - Aug'18
Architect Intern

• Developed, administered project drawings, construction details and coordinated with specifications of drawings to meet project requirements.
• Proactively contributed to the completion of various residential projects involving designing interior as well as exterior spaces.
• Learned to accurately present and modify designs to achieve the desired end product within specific timelines.
• Collaborated with the contractors, structural engineers, electrical engineers, and HVAC Engineers to maintain a continuous stream of information regarding the project status and progress.
• Managed and coordinated activities with other construction companies to put together the construction documents, and reviewed vendor submittal packages for corporate and retail spaces in domestic and international areas.
• Devised overall strategy for documentation and identified design sets planned for each stage of work

2. Vardhman Process Technologies, Ahmedabad, India July'17 - Oct'17
Architect Intern

• Obtained experience in detailing of Cleanroom panels for the pharmaceutical industry, HVAC (as per FDA guidelines), Lab Furniture and Fume hood, distillation column and packing internals.
• Assisted in setting up the Quality Control Lab (QC) and Research and Development Centre for Balaji Wafers, Rajkot, India
• Assisted in the set up of Chemical Analysis Lab and Instrumentation Lab for Atlas Life Science, Ahmedabad, India
• Facilitate meetings with project teams to help drive decision making for application development.

3. LaboFab- Ahmedabad, Gujarat Jun'15 - Dec'15
Architect Intern

• Obtained experience in preparing layouts and plans of various laboratories like the chemical lab, instruments lab, microbiology lab, IPQC lab.
• Assisted in making lab plans and layouts of IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat
• Facilitate meetings with project teams to help drive decision making for application development.
• Produce and review diagrams to assist and support the requirements gathering process.


Master's in Architecture in Architecture
University of Houston - Houston, TX
August 2018 to May 2020

Bachelor's in Architecture in Architecture
Anant National University - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
June 2013 to June 2018

Autocad (6 years),
Photoshop (3 years),
Revit (2 years),
Lumion (2 years),
Sketchup (4 years),
Adobe Illustrator (Less than 1 year),
Rhino 3D (Less than 1 year),
Microsoft Office (7 years),
Powerpoint (5 years),
Management (4 years),


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Additional Information


1. TIMBER IN THE CITY: Urban Habitat Competition Jan’ 19-May’19

International Student Design Competition
• Re-interpreted a vacant waterfront site in Queens, New York, as a vibrant and vanguard model of healthy, biophilic living for the future of the city.
• Adopted new structural and ecological possibilities of wood construction systems (Cross Laminated Timber systems)
• Designed a mid-rise, mixed-use complex that includes affordable housing, a large community wellness facility, and an early childhood education center, all interlaced with a new exterior public waterfront space
• Indulged in creative and critical thinking about the way in which choices about building materials, and the interrelationship of interior space and the exterior urban environments.
• Planned and remodeled the site as a testing ground for socially, materially and environmentally progressive and innovative models of sustainable urban living.

2.Urban Design Project, Gujarat, India Jun’14-Aug’14

• Designed the patch between two densely populated mass of the city.
• Analyzed the existing conditions & identified the site issues
• Made new proposals to solve the current issues and some as add-ons to the patch

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