Creative Resume
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Location: Kansas City, MO, USA
School: Southern New Hampshire University
Major: Communications

Creative Resume

607 W Country Lane, Kansas City, MO 64114 | C:------------ | ------------

I write in response to your Content Writer position at Barefoot Student. As a highly competent professional and creative with 10 years in a leadership role. I would bring a resourceful, flexible, and hardworking writing attitude to this role. My long-term goal is to grow professionally and personally in my writing and creativity. I wish to help my team and clients become more successful.

I am passionate and pride myself in maintaining an exceedingly functional office environment while providing the support and creative resources for a fast-paced production company. I am a problem solver and work well independently as well as a team-player. Focusing on developing long lasting relationships with clients and employees has ultimately allowed me to become a trusted advisor for previous employers.

My years of training and coaching has taught me how to handle conflict gracefully. I trust in those principles to aid me in developing great relationships with team members, clients, and vendors. No non-compete limitations and able and willing to work 40 hours a week with flexibility to extend. I feel I would be a strong fit for this role because of the drive and motivation I have to help team members and clients grow personally and professionally. With my quick-learning skills and passion for success, I would be a strong addition to the team.

My creative resume are included for your review. I am grateful for your time and consideration.


Mallory DuVall

Writing, Creative, Photographer, Social Media, Blogging