Cover letter - see LinkedIn for Resume
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: University of Southern California
Major: BS Business

Cover letter - see LinkedIn for Resume

Martin F.  Cody,
102 Knarr Street,
Austin, Texas 78734

Re: Sales Position
Dear Hiring Manager,

My current objective as a Sales Candidate is to convey that I am the most capable and have the right presence to  “open doors”, demonstrate your companies “know how,” manage opportunities, and that I have complimentary ambitions. Assuming this Sales role is important to your organization’s near future, I can provide some detail in the form of a proactive informative draft 30, 60, 90 day outline of a full sales cycle plan. This is one way to convey my clear advantages for this position. This would be from exploring opportunities to close as a Senior Salesperson by working with C-level Executives via technical discussions on their critical business topics. Your read will be worthwhile for both of us.

I have Professional Executive employment & customer references that can confirm my unique value-add to your possible objectives:  protecting revenues, gaining market-share, owning space,  identifying opportunities, ability to test solutions, solving challenges, reducing risk, overcoming obstacles...

Sales also requires a strategic thinker that can lead by example. My self-sufficiency allows me to typically get this all done with less resources and during challenging times.

Assessment Process
The first few weeks of employment can be further facilitated with my company assessment process that is indicative of revealing mutual capabilities and benefits. Yes, this is a small investment of time and effort that I can succinctly explain during a brief meeting. This also would uniquely demonstrate my potential to discover, comprehend, and apply experience and knowledge, as indicated on my resume.

Example objectives could include  “prove out” of methods to close or mapping decision enhancing capabilities and / or application to additional markets. As a Sales Professional representing your organization, we can outline and confirm your capacities for addressing functional challenges... all toward obtaining applicable sales related goals / results.

The outcome can be further utilized to guide others by example by enlightening each with clear values via mutual participation.  In other words,  this would underscore my ability to “figure-out”  how to address a customer’s individual or organizational needs and introduce services / product offerings toward growing profitable outcomes.

Call to Action
Bottom-line, I can incorporate all of this into my early days of employment for overall success can greatly depend upon accurate knowledge of an existing situation within your company and customers.

I would appreciate hearing details on your current sales requirements for minimum of risk to all parties. Please advise when we can next converse and or meet, as desired.

Martin Cody