Cornell University Alum,Teaching Artist, Studio Assistant
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
University: Cornell University
Major: Fine Arts, Africana Studies

Cornell University Alum,Teaching Artist, Studio Assistant

Blache Marie is a teaching artist working and traveling in community to heal and engage a global audience. Their art is a living collage of research, poetry, herbalism, and film created for and with community healing. Building ceremonial healing spaces inspired by their memories and visceral emotional experience, they examine the historical context of blackness, queerness, tranness, and ruptures caused by forced migrations in the United States. They are a Pink Door Fellow and Cornell University graduate, co-founder and creative director of For Brown Bleeders. They have studied with Amanda David, Sakara Kemilla, Phyllis Light, Edgar Bernal Sevilla, Joy KMT, Vince Zazueta, and For Brown Bleeders collective members. Their work draws from several healing traditions including herbalism, conjure, Southern Folk Medicine, Pachakuti Mesa (Peruvian shamanism), curanderismo, reiki, and rootwork. They are nomadically based between upstate NY and the southwest, searching for their indigenous roots and connecting people of color to their ancestors and the land.

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