Content Creator and Photographer
Filmmaking Practices
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
School: Arizona State University
Major: Filmmaking Practices

Content Creator and Photographer

Broken Drift Productions - Content Creator and Photographer

Content creator and lead on various projects such as the annual Big Pine Comedy Festival Calendar where responsibilities including pre production, set production, photography, editing and content management.


"This is Dementia" Documentary

Director and editor of the documentary where responsibilities included pre production, production, and post production duties for the documentary as well as distribution to Amazon Prime and Forbes.

Head event planner for the film’s premier where responsibilities assembling and managing an event planning team, managing the venue, valet and catering, and the guest/investor list.


Pizza Party Comedy

Manage and analyze the team’s various social accounts by creating content, engaging with other users, and running campaigns.


"This is Dementia" Podcast

Producer for the podcast where responsibilities include managing team contracts, sponsorships and partnerships management, content and social media management, and distribution.

Sound engineer and editor for the podcast where responsibilities include monitoring audio during recording and editing the episodes to best reflect the key points and goals of said topic.

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