Colin Rivers
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Conservatory of a Recording Arts and Sciences
Major: Master audio Recording and Troubleshooting

Colin Rivers

Audio Engineer

RIAA Multi-Platinum Awarded and Grammy Nominated professional Audio Engineer, with success using Audio and IT expertise to improve the recording operation.

Work Experience
Audio Engineer (2009 - Present)

Prepared and attentive while capturing the performance of the recording artist which resulted in the Artists being rewarded multiple Awards.

Worked with producers and talent to provide the correct EQ’ing, noise reduction and applied textures to enrich and enhance the recorded project.

Maintained accurate session documentation, proper audio encoding and backups enabling client to continue production and editing needs eliminating production down time.

Apple Retail Store Technical Expert (2014 - Present)

Quickly assess customer’s situation and rotate through my knowledge of Apple’s technology to offer customers solutions that best resolves the customer’s issue.
Help Apple maintain relationships with it’s customers by remaining cool and assisting customers with trouble shooting to resolve their technical issues.

Provided personal training to customers new and old alike so they better understand the functions and capabilities to their Apple devices.

Assistant Studio Repair Technician (2010 - Present)

Worked with Chief Technician in repairing, reconditioning, re-capping, cleaning and calibration of a 78 channel Solid State Logic 9000J series Mixing Console, restoring it to full record and mix capabilities.

Developed and implemented a preventive checks and maintenance program to identify and prevent potential equipment failures which prolonged equipment life and reduced down time during session saving the studio money.

Reduced operational expenses by taking on additional duties as Network Administrator, maintaining computers systems, Internet Infrastructure, and VOIP Telephone System.

Signal Company Commander, US Army (2000 - 2009)

Commanded and managed Charlie Company, 101st (ITSB) and all 183 Soldiers, 47 million dollars in equipment and assets under my Command.

Served as Primary Trainer for Charlie Company which maintained 100% strength and 93% mission readiness becoming the Battalion’s leader in Army Physical Fitness, Marksmanship, Job Qualifications and training.

Created a monthly News Letter to communicate Unit Mission Readiness, public events, personnel promotions and family relations. Also served as the Risk Management Officer.


Diploma, Master Recoding Program, Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

A.A., Military Science and Leadership, Marion Military Institute

Audio engineer, technician