Coleman Davis, Aspiring Teacher
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Location: Bellingham, WA, USA
School: Washington State University
Field of study: English

Coleman Davis, Aspiring Teacher

Aspiring teacher dedicated to helping students in need and to providing an enjoyable and safe learning environment for everyone. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some wonderful role-models in school which is why I would eagerly jump at the opportunity to help in creating a positive and productive atmosphere for all.

o Able to tend to the needs of individual students and children
o Greatly enjoys working with students of all ages
o Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
o Knowledge of early childhood development
o Excellent project coordination
o Has created and implemented original lesson plans to be used in classrooms
o Familiar with writing student progress reports
o Experienced in several computer prorgams (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe)
o Able to interact effectively virtually

Writing Program Facilitator
January 2019—May 2019
Taught and structured classes of usually four to five undergraduate students. Classes would meet once a week and discuss many topics including English composition, how to improve college essays, and how to maximize their resumes and cover letters. My job as facilitator was to ensure that engaging discussion was ongoing throughout the class, as well as act as an English teacher for the students, answering any questions about writing that might come up and to create mini, interactive lesson plans to be used in class.

Writing Center Consultant
October 2018—May 2019
In Washington State University’s open lab writing center, I met with undergraduate students who sought aid with their writing. I would talk with each student and then continue to help them with their writing, which was most often college resumes and/or academic papers for their courses. Sessions often covered: correcting grammar issues, overall structure of the essay, and basic English composition, and could last anywhere from several minutes to nearly an hour.

EcoArts on the Palouse Intern
October 2018—May 2019
Worked with a great team to create an interactive website that promoted both local artists and the nearby natural areas of the Palouse region. My job as intern was to create and design several pages for the website, edit various documents to ensure consistency and accuracy, communicate with the participating artists to set up information displayed online, and also to present the project in showcases (e.g., SURCA) to help promote the website. Met weekly with fellow team members and mentor to edit and review creative work. I also created and designed a project poster, flyer, and business card that aided towards the promotion of the project as well.

LandEscapes Literary Magazine Copy-editor
November 2018—May 2019
Copy-editor for LandEscapes, the literary magazine of Washington State University. Duties included producing an error-free magazine that was consistent in the Associated Press style, line-editing each piece of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, as well as the biographies, and communicating with the artists/contributors and the editors of the magazine in order to create the magazine in a timely manner.

Visiting Teacher—Arlington High School
September 2013—May 2015
Through my High School German class, I scheduled meeting times with teachers at Eagle Creek Elementary School (located in Arlington, WA). During the class visits I taught students about the German language and culture. I also created interactive lesson-plans to be used during visits and inspired curiosity amongst the students.

References available upon request. Thank you!