Cole Roberts
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Location: Boulder, CO, United States
School: University of Colorado at Boulder
Field of study: Environmental Design

Cole Roberts


Environmental Design
• University of Colorado Boulder

Roberts Contracting | Jobsite Manager July ‘13 – Jul 16’
• Manual Labor
o Demolition: e.g. tearing down walls, jackhammering, removing appliances, and removing ceilings
o Rebuilding: e.g. building frames, hanging drywall, installation of appliances, and roofing
o Cleanup: e.g. loading and unloading materials, driving debris to the dump, and sweeping up jobsite
• Keep Jobsite Organized
• Give Directions
o Keep team of people on task and organized to complete project in a timely fashion
o Assist team members when necessary
• Accomplish any Onsite Tasks

TOMS Shoes | Staff Member December ‘12 – July ‘13
• Set up Warehouse for Sale
• Organize Floor
• Make Sales
• Keep Floor Stocked
• Take Down After Sale

• Excellent problem solving skills. Track record of tackling complex problems and simplifying and organizing them to ensure they are done one time and effectively.
• Effective at adapting to any situation whether it is learning a new task or making the best of every situation
• Leadership: taking charge when necessary and making important decisions for the best of the staff
• Collaboration: organized team members to make sure we stayed on top of tasks and get the job done without unnecessary interruption
• Strong Work Ethic: disciplined with a sense of responsibility to get a task done with an emphasis on quality
• Time Management: effectively managed school, work, sports, and other extracurricular activities throughout high school
• Listen to instructions, communicate and facilitate discussions effectively with team members, prepare and deliver presentations, as well as write work reports and emails.
• Handling high pressure situations while remaining calm and finding the most effective solution to the problem or situation
• Efficient with programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom

• Traveling: Enjoy seeing and experiencing different cultures as well as broadening my own horizons
• Volunteer at Public Library to help young children learn to enjoy reading
• Sports/Exercise: Physical health is an important aspect of my life and keeps me focused on a certain goal
• Photography: uses creativity and delivers satisfying results
• Web Savvy: effective at searching and navigating the internet for work, school, and personal use
Available Upon Request