Clayton Ramos Resume
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Location: Vancouver, WA, USA
School: San Francisco State University
Field of study: Communications

Clayton Ramos Resume

C l a y t o n a r 7 0 7 @ G m a i l .c o m ▪ 707 - 567 - 2178

Vancouver , WA

- B.A in Communications.
- 3 Years of experience in a fast paced, outdoor oriented occupation in the US Army.
- 3 years of management experience.
- 2 years of retail experience.
- Experience working with diverse customers and employees.

Professional Experience

Social and Digital Media Manager

My Credit Guy, Gilbert AZ (Remote work)

August 2020 – Current

- Implementation of new social media campaigns through new Advertisements and client engagement.
- Development of brand awareness and online reputation.
- Content management including graphic design assets and video production.
- SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic to YouTube.
- Fostered employee engagement on social media accounts with interactive posts and videos.
- Daily reporting to CEO.
- Team brainstorming meetings to deliver new ideas to target audiences.
- Business meetings with third parties to establish the best possible experience for clients.

Graphic Designer

The Knowledge Coop, Camas WA

June 2019 – July 2020

- Executive approval of all design work.
- Creation of weekly sketch comedy to convey industry related topics.
- Communicating important messages through appealing designs.
- Quality assurance and review of all design work before publication.
- Collaborating with content team to deliver effective training through several mediums.
- Video support:
- First edits, building libraries and events, getting videos ready for final edits.
- Studio camera operations.
- Studio management.

Communications Intern

CrossFit Lucky 4, Vacaville CA March 2018 - September 2018
- Orchestrated events for gym members including but not limited to; competitions, weekly outings and daily activities.
- Implementation of new marketing material.
- Designed new logo. (Adobe Illustrator)
- New gym apparel - Managed social media accounts.
- Instagram, Facebook.

Operations Team Leader

US Army, Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA

February 2015 – January 2016

- Constant exposure to the elements while performing main job duties.
- Trained incoming employees how to operate effectively and complete given tasks timely and efficiently.
- Ensured compliance by managing schedules and company operations.
- Verified leadership experience managing diverse work groups.
- Leadership role in a team responsible for company oversight and security.

Mechanized Team Leader


September 2014 - February 2015
- Supervised 6 personnel during daily routine and high stakes field operations.
- Directly in charge of the operation of a 19 ton heavily mechanized vehicle and 2 other operating personnel.
- Lead quality assurance activities to ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment.
- Created a safe work environment by following protocol, paying close attention to detail, and reporting “near hits” for corrective action.

Communications and Telecommunications Expert


February 2014 - September 2014
- Coordinated employee briefings during field operations, ensuring safety and performance protocols were upheld.
- Trained personnel on communication skills and logistics.
- Handled vital communications of department and other assets.
- Day to day contact between manager and division head.
- Managed multiple projects concurrently in order to achieve:

- Accurate communication within division.
- Timely completion of smaller tasks within company.
- Real time development during field operations.
- Adaptability with dynamically changing priorities.



March 2013 – February 2014

- Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility during unexpected deviations in operations
- Operated as a member of an elite team during training exercises.
- Performed obligations of other positions within section as needed.
- Displayed vigilant attention to detail to ensure the safety of those around me.


Apple, Walnut Creek CA

September 2011 – December 2012

- Delivered optimal customer service through professionalism and product knowledge.
- Built long lasting relationships with customers to create a genuine experience.
- Trained customers how to efficiently use their product.
- Clarified and resolved technical issues with customer’s products.
- Created overall energy of store with enthusiastic communication with employees and potential customers.