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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: New York University
Major: Computer Science


New York University, College of Arts and Sciences
Computer Science Major, Mathematics Minor, Studio Art Minor GPA:3.6

Bank of America, Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2019 | New York, NY
• Executed test-driven development and Agile software development practices for External Cloud Team.
• Designed AWS EC2 Performance Testing as lead engineer for cloud infrastructure in Bank.
• Developed Terraform, Shell, and Python scripts and used Terraform and AWS CLI’s to deploy Elastic
Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, fleets, and autoscaling groups as well as automating the provisioning, deployment and maintenance of resources to EC2.
• Tested against various regions, availability zones, instance types, number of instances, and AMI’s to gather raw data and conclude the abilities of the Bank’s infrastructure.

Introduction to Computer Programming Teachers Assistant
Fall 2018 | New York, NY
• Assisted various professors in Introduction to Computer Programming courses.
• Taught and tutored students Python and Computer Science concepts. Bank of America, Financial Corporation

Bank of America, Global Technology Analyst Intern
Summer 2018 | New York, NY
• Intern on Public Cloud Software Engineering Team and Risk & Compliance Team.
• Emphasis on Test-driven development and Agile software development practices.
• Developed a Health Check Dashboard using Python programming to monitor services within Ausonia, a flask application that manages relationship between bank and Public Cloud.
• Developed backend API endpoints and checks which synthesized data from collections in order to form
actionable insights.
• Rendered data as charts and data tables which displayed actionable insights into the company’s risk

Courant Institute at New York University, Technical Assistant
2018 | New York, NY
• Assisted with technical support for all of NYU Courant’s Services.
• Provided general technical support including troubleshooting server-based Linux systems, installing, updating,
and managing software managed by CIMS.

Hardworking, personable, driven, smart, technical