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Location: New York, NY, USA


Columbia University New York, NY M.A in Statistics
Aug.2019 - Dec.2020
• Current GPA: 3.70
• Statistics & Finance Courses: Math Methods in Financial Analysis, Statistical Method in Finance, Multi-Asset Portfolio Management
The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) State College, PA B.S in Mathematics, B.S in Economics Aug.2014- Dec.2018
• Overall GPA: 3.60 | GRE: 326
• Math & Statistics Courses: Calculus I, II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra; Probability Theory, Combinatorics, Mathematical Statistics, Analysis of Variance, Time Series, Applied Regression Analysis, Intro to SAS; Ordinary Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Real Analysis, Numerical Computations, Linear Programs; C++ Programming;

Collaborative Filtering Film Recommendation System Design based on Users’ Tastes Oct.2018- Nov.2018
● Collected data files including Movie ID, Customer ID, Movie Rating by Customer (1 to 5) and Date of Rating from Netflix, imported library, compared user-based and item-based collaborative filtering (CF) to determine recommendation mode;
● Applied algorithms such as for loop and merge in Panda Package of Python to pair movies watched and rated by single customer and calculate Cosine Similarities of the movie ratings for single customer, recorded cosine similarities as dictionary, and determined single customer’s favorite movie based on maximum rating;
● Utilized for loop to remove movies already watched by a single customer, used dictionary to locate Cosine Similarities between all rest individual film and favorite film, and chose the film with the highest cosine similarity to recommend.
Comparative Analysis of Financial Markets based on Time Series Models Aug.2018- Sep.2018
● Analyzed time series data of historical stock returns of China Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and Dow Jones Indexes in EViews, conducted data smoothing and model fitting, determined that the Dow Jones Indexes fit the E-GARCH model but the SSE stock returns could not fit, and concluded that the market returns in the U.S had a “leverage effect” while the market returns in China did not due to market immaturity and lack of proper supervision.
Server Queueing System Design with Reluctant Customer for Starbucks Mar.2018-Apr.2018
● Modeled the number of customers consisting of those waiting and being served at Starbucks as a birth-death process, drew the transition rate diagrams, set up a system of equations whose solutions uniquely determined the steady state probability distribution of the number of customers within the system, solved and visualized the system in MATLAB, determined the probability of delay and long-term predicted number of customers in the system.

Chille New York New York, NY
Fashion Editor/Media Photographer Feb.2020
• New York Fashion Week photo shooting for Christopher John Rogers
• Editing commercial article of INXX 20AW online fashion show
School of Dental Medicine, University of Nevada State College, PA (Remote)
Part-time Research Assistant, Blood Toxins Research Project Oct.2018-Dec.2018
• Got acquainted with NHANES blood toxins lab data (1999-2000, 2001-2002) including dietary & demographic data, questionnaire data, dental examination & laboratory data, and created catalog for types of results collected from datasets;
• Supported Dr. Linh M. Nguyen in statistical analysis such as multivariate regression analysis to determine the changes in periodontitis rates subject to blood toxins changes which represented changes in environmental changes and examine the correlations between blood toxins and telomere lengths and completed ad hoc duties upon request.
China International Engineering Consulting Corporation Beijing, China
Data Analyst Assistant Jun.2017-Aug.2017
• Supported collection and combination of supply chain operations from different data sources including Excel, SQL Server and Flat File, utilized advanced Excel functions including Vlookup and Pivot Table to prepare datasets for data analysis, and supported data segregation & classification, clustering analysis and database maintenance;
• Applied different sampling methods including stratification and cluster sampling to design surveys to conduct mid-term assessment for integrated transport system planning in China.
China United SME Guarantee Corporation Beijing, China
Summer Analyst Jun.2015-Aug.2015
• Collected financial data from WIND terminal, monitored trends and credit ratings for covered Hong Kong corporate bonds;
• Got acquainted with bond market regulations and assisted senior analysts in negotiation and due diligence for the issuance of Weihai City Development Investment Co., Ltd. Bonds (1.6 billion).
------------ Online
Online Streamer with contract Dec.2012-Dec.2014
• Mainly streamed League of Legends and singing. Part-time streamer with contract.

Project Manager Assistant, Undergraduate Economics Association, PSU Jan. 2015- Dec.2017
• Led a team of 20, assisted project manager in event planning and site layout for annual Great Economics Debate, and facilitated interactions between students and guest speaker including economics faculty and renowned alumni.
Minister of Media Department, Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, PSU Oct.2014-Nov. 2016
• Designed brochures, posters and shot promotional videos for Penn State, produced freshman handbooks and organized international student orientation events, and initiated activities to promote cultural diversity on campus.

• Computer Skills: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Microsoft Excel & Access, Statistical software (STATA, SAS, R, Python), MATLAB;
• Language Skills: Mandarin Chinese (Native), English (Fluent).