Christine Huang's Resume
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Location: Mountain View, CA, USA
School: UC Santa Barbara
Field of Study: Environmental Studies and Psychology

Christine Huang's Resume

Bioma, Ostional Wildlife National Refuge, Costa Rica and Santa Barbara, CA — Program Ambassador and Field Researcher
Conducted field research on olive ridleys in Ostional, Costa Rica
Patrolled beach and collected data on olive ridleys
Collaborated and held discussions with local field researchers
Worked under the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE)

UC Global Health Institute, Santa Barbara, CA — Planetary Health Ambassador
Work alongside other planetary health ambassadors
Initiated projects and event planning along with other ambassadors across all UC campuses
Planned and hosted a “Chopped” Zero Waste Cooking competition on campus

Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, — Field Collector
MARCH 2018 - JUNE 2018
Worked alongside a large team as well as in a small group setting with a partner
Collected ladybugs (Coccinellidae) at sites within proximity of campus
Logged and collected data for curation team

UCSB Department of Environmental Studies — Research Assistant with Assistant Professor Summer Gray
Researching the social, environmental, and psychological implications of the 2018 Montecito Debris Flow
Transcribing interviews, creating reports of community meetings regarding the Montecito Debris Flow
Synthesizing journal articles into a research paper regarding the specific theme of wildland urban interface and its role in the Montecito Debris Flow.
Started a project to create a podcast retelling the story of the beginnings and future of the UCSB Environmental Studies Program
Interviewed Environmental Studies Alumni, synthesize information to produce new podcast episodes

Technical: Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Drive Services, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Social Media


IV Honors Tutoring Program- Tutored elementary school kids 2 hours per week

University of California, Santa Barbara — Intended Environmental Studies (B.A.) and Psychology and Brain Sciences (B.S.) Major
Relevant Coursework: Intro ENV S Series, Intro CHEM Series, Intro Bio, Diet and Global Climate Change, Oceanography, Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics, Critical Thinking and the Environment