Christine Bostrom Resume
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Stony Brook University
Field of study: Psychology/Music

Christine Bostrom Resume

205 Ward Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10304


Client Management, Data Management, Office Management,
Communication Skills, Organizational Skills, Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency,
Time Management Skills, Event Coordination, QuickBooks


Mary Hernandez, Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant
Staten Island, New York November 2016 – April 2018
● Worked directly with CEO to overhaul and reorganize client database, to overhaul the accounting system and put an accounting
software system in place, to bring in more clients, to find new ways of marketing the company and its services, and to expand the
company’s horizons.
● Implemented QuickBooks system to remodel the company’s previous accounting methods.
● Handled payments from clients and kept track of income and expenses using QuickBooks.
● Handled the preparation and distribution of homeopathic remedies for clients.
● Handled greeting clients and provided a comfortable environment for them.
● Placed orders for supplies and medical substances needed.
● Managed the office, including taking inventory of office and medical supplies and placing orders when necessary.
● Compiled client list to implement appointment scheduling and straightforward billing procedures.
● Oversaw the marketing of events to bring in supplemental income.
● Used EventBrite and social media to create and promote company seminars and webinars.
● Conducted research and networked to create new business opportunities and connections.
● Wrote, created, and edited business announcements to promote events and company accomplishments.
● Information technology, including setup and troubleshooting for both software and hardware

Martell Strategic Funding
Manhattan, New York October 2016 – August 2017
● Facilitated strategic alliances between multiple partners for start-up business ventures and mergers.
● Conducted research and networked to create new business opportunities and connections.
● Wrote, create, and edited business announcements to promote events and company accomplishments.
● Information technology, including setup and troubleshooting for both software and hardware.
● Managed/edited sensitive client documents such as strategic alliance agreements, letters of intent, confidentiality agreements,
and real estate agreements.
● Handled QuickBooks activity for 5 separate accounts, 3 business and 2 personal.

Nordemann Grimm, Inc.
Manhattan, New York November 2015 – May 2016
● Provided day to day office management to the Chief Executive Officer.
● Managed Accounts Payable utilizing QuickBooks.
● Organized and maintained all financial documentation chronologically and alphabetically.
● Updated software/hardware merchandise; as well as troubleshooting technological issues that arose.
● Managed inventory of all office supplies.

In Record Time
Manhattan, New York November 2014 - February 2015
● Acted as a liaison between corporate clients and small businesses seeking promotional branding.
● Handled interoffice communication between upper management and domestic/overseas vendors.
● Managed web inventory and customer service for corporate clients with online retail stores including updating inventory, placing
orders, coordinating with warehouses, and handling customer service for orders placed.
● Acted as the initial contact to all clientele to schedule meetings, directed clientele to appropriate personnel, and ensured that all
business associates were satisfied with services provided.
● Coordinated up to 3 projects involving the branding of promotional products for high level long-standing corporate clients.
● Assisted accounting department with day-to-day data input including purchase orders and reconciling invoices, utilizing QuickBooks
and Peachtree (Sage).

Bravado International Group
Manhattan, New York January 2013 – January 2014
Trukfit, YMCMB, Rich Gang, Marley, Waters & Amy
● Created purchase orders for salesman samples in Blue Cherry software and sent to vendors.
● Followed up with domestic/overseas factories with regard to bulk orders.
● Communicated daily with domestic/overseas vendors about samples received, as well as to ensure delivery and receipt of samples.
● Sent design and tech comments back to factories to facilitate and expedite the pre-production/production process of sample
● Confirmed delivery of all salesman samples to sales representatives.
● Handled all sent and received domestic/overseas packages and distributed accordingly.
● Prepared the showroom/conference room for team meetings and the presenting of merchandise to both sales representatives and
potential clients.
Unitarian Church of Staten Island
Staten Island, New York September 2010 – October 2013
● Coordinated Religious Education programs consisting of sections ages 2-7, 8-12, and 13-17.
● Provided guidance and assistance to teachers and volunteers in choosing curricula for all age groups.
● Handled registration of all children enrolling in the program, including collecting and submitting all necessary paperwork and
● Organized teachers and volunteers for all classes, as well as volunteers for all related promotional events.
● Managed communication between Religious Education committee and all other committees of the church.
● Ensured the smooth execution of day-to-day operations of the Religious Education program.


Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, Long Island September 2007 - June 2011
Major in Psychology; Minor in Music Graduated June 2011
Bachelor’s Degree
Berklee College of Music, Online Degree Program
Boston, Massachusetts September 2013 - Present
Pursuing Major in Music Business & Music Production Degree In Progress
Minor in Vocal Studies
High School Diploma
Staten Island, New York September 2003 - June 2007
Staten Island Technical High School High School Diploma



I am certain that my particular skill set would definitely make me an asset to your team.

In office settings, I have worked as both an administrative assistant and a personal assistant as well as assuming the duties of filing, chart creation, client inquiries, and correspondence. I know how to keep up in a fast-paced environment. I am very familiar with computers, including all of Microsoft Office, with primarily extensive use of Microsoft Word and Excel. I type 95 WPM. My sharp eye for detail makes me excellent at entering and organizing data in a manner that is both efficienpt and accurate. I have a good understanding of word processing and I am extremely good with word processing tasks, as well as being a strong writer and editor. My experience with accounting programs includes QuickBooks, both online and desktop versions, and programs such as Blue Cherry, Peachtree, and Sage. I am a fast-learner who can master any data system in a matter of days.

My exceptionally good sense of what is going on around me allows me to easily anticipate the needs of others, I am an excellent assistant. I believe in teamwork and in making myself as useful as possible to help ensure that everything that needs to get done is accomplished. I am an organized person; when given a number of tasks, I can prioritize and complete the work. I enjoy creating organization out of chaos. I am responsible, prompt, and ready to work.
For me, one of the joys of work is interacting with others. Not only do I excel at it due to my unique innate talents with regard to insight, but my interest and background in psychology make me particularly adept at navigating relationships in the workplace. I understand that human interaction and communication are essential for the success and growth of any business. I am always polite and courteous. I know how to present myself, both physically and conversationally, to business associates and clientele, as well as how to act professionally.

The diversity of my employment history gives me a comprehensive, well-rounded set of skills that have provided me with a strong combination of interpersonal and professional strengths that make me a definite asset to the smooth operation, efficacy, and growth of your company.

Thank you for considering me.