Christian Hunter
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA
School: Cinema Makeup School
Major: Masters Makeup

Christian Hunter

Christian Hunter 1464 Morena Blvd San Diego CA ------------429
To further enhance both my personal and artistic goals while creating entrepreneurial opportunities to grow as a professional.
Sculptor/Creature Designer Rubies Costumes 2016-2019
• Sculpt Facial Prosthetics, Masks, and Costume Accessories to be approved by Licensing companies such as Lucasfilm, Marvel, Disney, DC Comics, Nickelodeon, and many more to be mass-produced and sold worldwide.
• Assist with and Design custom creature costumes and masks for Imagination Designs Studios and parent company Rubies Costumes.
• Assist in Mold Making and Mask Casting to produce products in preparation for distribution.
• Contact Licensor for quality control of re-created products to insure sculpted art is up to industry standard.

Makeup Artist/Special FX 2015-Present
• Apply Makeup on Talent working on Camera for multiple media outlets including feature productions, theatrical plays, commercial productions, and fashion photography.
• Makeup applications include basic beauty and high fashion with hair design. Special fx makeup simulating wounds, beards, old age, tattoo, prosthetic transfers, and character/creature design.
• On set makeup advisor acting as Key makeup artist designing the look and continuity of characters. Works with script supervisors and production companies to design the overall theme for each actor/model.
• Worked for Anti Hero Studios, Fantaculartv, Youtube, Outerspace clothing company, and the CW network as well as several independent filmmakers.
Cinema Makeup School 2015 Graduated
Studied Beauty theory including High fashion and contemporary style while learning skin/body safety for media productions. Learned hair design and care including period accurate continuity. Studied modern special FX makeup techniques including prosthetic appliances, theatrical paint and powder, skin color theory, wound and bruising FX, beard laying, and blood/gore FX.
Began working in the customer services field gaining skills in office work; answering phone calls to provide information while driving sales, filling out paperwork to properly document sales and records, and face to face customer service creating recurring customers. Proficient sales person always learning every detail of a product or service while maintaining a pleasant and trusting demeanor when working with customer’s purchases. Apply makeup from basic beauty and special FX character makeup, also proficient in creating prosthetics and talent body casting. Onset Key Makeup Artist for 16-26 hour day shoots working fast pace makeup applications for eight to twenty+ actors including hair and makeup while maintaining constant on set touch ups. Sculpt custom masks and prosthetics as well as licensed materials that require approval of Licensor to maintain industry standards recreating their products exactly as the reference material provided.

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