Chris's resume
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Location: Wilson, NC, USA
University: Barton College
Major: Sports Management

Chris's resume

Barton College, Wilson, NC
Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and minor Business Administration
Graduated May 2018

Robert B. Glenn High School, Kernersville, NC August 2011-June 2014
Ensured all uniforms were washed, dried, and in place for the next game
Ensured gym was prepared for players hours in advance of practice/game start time (i.e. putting goals down/up, take out basketball rack, set up clock)
Traveled with the basketball team to ensure smooth running of events

Ben Watson Football Camp, Cleveland, Ohio Summer 2012
Arranged children by age group and provided activities for them related to learning the game of football
Demonstrated to children how to properly handle a football and techniques to improve performance

Homeless Shelter, Cleveland, Ohio Summer 2012
Assisted in preparation of food for patrons of the homeless shelter
Served food to patrons of the shelter

The Home Depot, Hendersonville, Tennessee July 2018-Present
Make sure everything is stacked on the shelves properly ever night
Make sure receiving is cleaned and the store is grand opening ready for the next day

Activities and Achievements:
Risk Chairman of Pi Kappa Phi, Barton College, 2015-Present
Chaplain Chairman of Pi Kappa Phi, Barton College, 2016- Fall 2017
Treasurer Chairmen of Pi Kappa Phi, Barton College, Spring 2018
National Honor Society, 2012
Brother of the Year, Pi Kappa Phi, 2018
John J. Harper Scholarship from Barton College
Played basketball and soccer for 14 years

Skilled, Organized, Hardworking, Trustworthy