Chloe Joyce-Truesdale
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Location: St. Petersburg, FL, USA
School: SPC
Major: Midwifery

Chloe Joyce-Truesdale

OBJECTIVE: I am currently seeking a full-time job, which will utilize my communication, organizational skills, and prior work experience. I strive to gain experiential knowledge and view challenging situations in the workplace as positive experiences that will aid in my growth and development as an individual (seeking a career in women-centered health care)

DONA Trained Birth Doula
My responsibility as a Birth Doula is to provide emotional and physical support to labouring women through utilizing specialized comfort techniques, while advocating for the health and well-being of the mother and child and ensuring that nobody’s rights are violated.

Black Crow Coffee Co. November 2018- May 2019
I work part time as a dishwasher at Black Crow. My responsibilities also include grinding coffee, preparing cold brew, using the espresso machine and consistently restocking.

Amigos Tortilla Bar November 2018- April 2019
As a server at this establishment my responsibilities included opening the restaurant, waiting on tables and keeping up with sidework.
Reason for leaving: I departed from my position at Amigos due to issues I saw arising from poor communication efforts between the manager and the rest of the staff.

Zaytoon Grill May 2018- November 2018
I primarily worked front of house during my employment here, which entailed working the register as well as waiting on tables. However, it was also my responsibility to prepare sides, appetizers, and occasionally meals that did not include meat (as I am vegan and thus I feel ethically opposed).
Reason for leaving: During the last two months that I worked here the amount of days I was scheduled to work were lessened to half of what they had been, and I could no longer support myself on the paychecks I was receiving.

Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria September 2017 – February 2018
A vital part of this job was learning and memorizing the steeping times specific to each handcrafted tea to ensure proper flavor, as well as consistency. Brewing tea constituted as a smaller aspect of a full-service waitressing job during which it was my responsibility to take orders, run food, wait on tables, and ultimately ensure the satisfaction of customers.
Reason for leaving: After several financial losses, including overall long-time financial strain, my boss informed our hardworking staff that we were to close our doors for good. The subsequent week, we were told that we would be staying open. However, the tension that arose from the initial closing scare drove a chasm of divide into the restaurant, causing a myriad of issues in regards to communication, as well as organization.

General Equivalency Diploma September 2017
Currently enrolled at Saint Petersburg College (studying to become a midwife)

I pride myself on my ability to communicate openly, and easily with others, resolve conflicts, and remain flexible and motivated in challenging situations.
Additional language skills include: efficient ASL use