Chloe Ghillani's Cover Letter & Resume
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
School: California College of the Arts
Major: Masters of Fine Arts, 2016-2018

Chloe Ghillani's Cover Letter & Resume

Chloe Ghillani is a San Francisco based artist, gallerist, curator, and consultant, originally from Long Island, NY. She obtained a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) graduate degree from California College of the Arts (CCA), San Francisco in May of 2018. She attended Roger Williams University (RWU) from Fall 2012 to May 2015 and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Marine Biology. When she is not producing her own work or curating based on concepts of promoting sustainability within a consumption obsessed society, she holds the position of Art Director and Consultant at Eleanor Harwood Gallery. Her tasks range from but not limited to, working with and managing the represented artists, assisting with artists’ large scale commissions (commercial/residential) through consultants, art advisors, and interior designers, general sales, writing press releases, inventory, CMS, gallery promotion and event planning, art handling and installation, and curating exhibitions, such as the group show “What Is Left Behind” at Eleanor Harwood Gallery.

During her time at CCA, Ghillani was the Co-Director of the student run gallery and event space, Orange Box, which is located on the CCA campus. She and her Co-Director, Amanda Rush, curated exhibitions of CCA affiliated students and professors, as well as outside artists’ work, educational workshops, and university and external funded events once a week in the space. Along side gaining her MFA, Ghillani started, managed, and produced content for the Instagram handle strictlylivin_, which consisted of food styling images, recipes, and promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Her latest educational position was a Teaching Assistant for the 2D/3D programing and production class Digital Tools during her last semester at CCA, where she taught along side two professional educators within CCA’s community.

Being categorized as an artist places Ghillani in a broad spectrum of the multiple creatives within the Bay Area. She produces her own physical work, but also helps other creatives find a place and audience for their work: physically in a gallery space or through a digital platform. No matter the creative field, she strives to learn more about producing her own large scale installations, collaborating with and supporting artists and other creative professionals, curating contemporary material, and how to operate her own creative based business.

Why do I have interest in this position?

Based on my experience, I believe that this position will a notable next step in honing my skills towards becoming an artist and creative advocate, coordinator and curator.
Originally from Long Island, it would be great to have the opportunity to be able to converse and collaborate with artists that I have connections with on the East and West Coast. I believe with my current knowledge and network of the creative community within the Bay Area, NYC, and beyond, and my drive to support artists and designers, I will be beneficial team member at Exhibtion Co. As a plus, I have sales and project commissions experience that I gained through my current position at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, which can be useful to that area of the gallery operations as well.

Art Director, Art Curator, Art Gallery, Manager, Sales, Online Sales, Artist, Event Coordinator, Art