Chelsea Moss Resume
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Location: New York City, NY, USA
School: James Madison University
Major: Psychology/Dance

Chelsea Moss Resume

Chelsea Moss
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Lindsay Mendez and Ryan Scott Oliver’s Actor Therapy LLC, Managing Director, September 2016 to present
o As Managing Director, I work with each student directly to schedule classes, send daily, weekly, and monthly reminders to faculty, students and staff, am responsible for all necessary correspondence, directly oversee all assistants, write any necessary verbiage for the Actor Therapy website, welcome packets, student handbooks, and advertisements, organize all social events, assist in the organization of any Actor Therapy sponsored concert or special event, and work directly with faculty to communicate with each student. I also serve as the financial administrator, overseeing all payments and budgets for the company.

Temp Receptionist, Gainor Recruitment Agency February 2019 to present
o As a temp receptionist I fill in as needed, including answering class and emails, greeting clients, handling mail, and any other duties the companies may need.

Broadway Dance Center Children and Teen Program Teacher, September 2016 to present
o As a CTP teacher at Broadway Dance Center, I teach weekly musical theater dance classes to children from ages 9 to 17.

Broadway Dance Center Educational Programs Coordinator, April 2016 to January 2017
o As the Educational Programs Coordinator, I oversaw all programs and program students, assisted in the marketing of the three separate programs that we offer, input and oversaw all student data into our database, oversaw all applications, ensured that international students arrived to the US and to our program efficiently, organized, scheduled and ran our International Student Visa Program and Training Program orientations, worked as student advisor to all program students, assisted in monitoring and completing monthly department financial reports, and assisted with any other pertinent issues that directly related to the Education Department.

Broadway Dance Center Educational Programs Administrator, August 2016 to April 2016
o As the Educational Programs Administrator, I dealt primarily with administering classes each week, handling any problems relating to MindBody software or class card issues, writing administrative documents as needed, and providing daily correspondence to over 200 program students.

Broadway Dance Center Retail Operations Manager September 2013 to August 2016
o As a Retail Operations Manager at Broadway Dance Center, I oversaw inventory each day, restocking items as needed, taking care of financial sales, working with customers to provide quality service, scheduling fittings, working online orders, and organizing merchandise on and off the retail floor.

Graduated from James Madison University with degrees in Psychology and Dance.