Carter Platt
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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
School: Henry W. Grady
Major: Marketing

Carter Platt

I like to participate in various activities
such as Boy Scouts, JROTC, skiing, and
auto repair. I have been very active
in scouting for the last 10 years,
including attending two of the most
prestigious and selective leadership
training programs (NYLT, NAYLE).
When the JROTC program was first
introduced into my school during my
7th grade year, I was one the first to
sign up. I have continued to take the
course every year since. In the time I
have spent in this environment, I have
become very good at working with
teams as well as being a proficient
leader. At school I have found strong
interests in marketing and ad design,
and computer aided design.

Internship, part-time