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Location: Linden, NJ, USA
School: ASA College
Field of Study: Nursing Assistant


Santa Dyce
424 W 12th st
Linden, NJ 07036

Objectives. To secure rewarding and challenging. Position as a Nanny - Baby nurse-nursing assistant-or relating fields in childcare community with opportunity for professional growth.

05/10/-8/10 ASA College Inc. Brooklyn, New York
Nursing Assistant program - certificate obtained.
1/05-4/05 Allen school Inc. Brooklyn, New York
Nursing Assistant program - Certificate obtained
08/14/10 ITC Academy Inc., New York, NY
Baby nurse- certificate obtained.

09/72-06/76 Portland High School, Jamaica West Indies
High school - Diploma obtained.

Employment history:
09/18 - 08/20​​Caroline & Michael Levitt
​​​175 West 72nd St
​​​New York, NY 10023
​​ Childcare provider
​​ Duties: Responsible for toddler (bathing, feeding, grooming)
Transporting (gym, early childhood centers, library, play groups, therapy etc.)
​​​ Introduction to solid foods & early childhood education
06/12 - 08/18 ​​Jon & Rachel Lowy
​2112 West Broadway
​New York - NY
Childcare provider
Duties: Full House keeping, Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Responsible for newborn.
Bathing, Feeding, dressing, and meal prep
Teaching the fundamentals of early education and etiquette, monitor and
Coordinate recreational activities, (special needs).

05-06/06-12 Selma & Robert Winston
600 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10026
​​ Childcare Provider
Duties: Full House keeping, Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Responsible for newborn.
Bathing, Feeding, dressing, and meal prep
Teaching the fundamentals of early education,
Childcare provider/House keeping
Duties: responsible for the care and safety of two children, bathing,
Dressing, grooming, meal prep, feeding

All baby nurse cases were during my employment with the Winstons (Was allowed time off 2010 – 12)
Dough & Carrie Labough
April 10/2010 – April 30/2010
4 wks. 683 East 83 street
New York - N Y
Newborn care
Taking care of newborn, helping parent understanding the care and
Needs for a newborn. Bathing - feeding - dressing and newborn needs.

Robert & Sherri Schweitzer
June 3/2010 – June 24/2010
4 wks. 333 east 91 St.
New York, N Y
Newborn care: caring for newborn, feeding - bathing – dressing
Helping parents understanding the needs and early development All baby nurse cases
we are during and taking care of Newborn
Micheala & Philip Anoboli
August 24/2011 – October 26/2011
6 wks. 14 east 68 st
New York, NY
Newborn care
Caring for pre- mature at three-week-old. Helping parent with (special
Needs) bathing - feeding - dressing- etc.

Lilly & Duglas Dressner
April 4/2012 – June 6/2012
10 wks. West 83rd st New York, NY 1024
Newborn twins (nighttime only)
Newborn care. Taking care of newborn needs during the nights.
Feeding - changing- sleep training.
(From 06- Dec 12. All jobs were baby nurse.)

07/01-01/02. Marcia. & James Webb
Boca Raton
Childcare provider
Duties: responsible for two-year-old, bathing - grooming- feeding
Teaching fundamentals of early childhood and education etiquette
Monitor and coordinate recreational activities.
(Family relocated)

11/89-11/91. John & Sharon Parentie Risner.
Larch mount New York
Childcare provider.
Responsible for the care of twelve-month-old, bathing - feeding -etc.
As well as light housekeeping.
Family relocated,

References and contacts

Selma & Bob Winston = 917-405- 3284
Robert & Sharie Schweitzer =------------
Lilly & Mike Dressner =------------

Marcia & James Webb =------------
972-712- 9380

Michelle & Phillip Anaboli = 917- 664- 2506

Santa Dyce