Caitlin Rivero
Computer Arts & Animation
Location: Miami, FL, USA
School: Miami Dade College
Field of study: Computer Arts & Animation

Caitlin Rivero

Caitlin A. Rivero
7319 N.W. 174th Terrace, #K101, Hialeah, Florida 33015
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I am a Computer Arts & Animation student at Miami-Dade College. I consider myself a hardworking individual who is open to new experiences. I take all experiences as a opportunities to learn and grow from.


Education, Part-Time Student
I have been pursuing my education in Art in order to become a professor at a university.

Fortune International Group, Receptionist
Attending all Clients, Administration for Sales Gallery
o Answering all calls
o Greeting all Walk-in Clients and offer refreshments
o Acquiring personal contact information from all Clients
o Responding to any Web-Lead Clients
o Assigning Clients (walk-in, call-in, and web-lead) to Agents according to list order
o Creating copies of Registration forms for the office and all Agents
o Scanning all Registration forms to be sent to Main Office
o Keeping/Sending a Daily Traffic Report
o Keeping/Sending Inventory Reports
o Communicating via e-mail to all Agents and Owners about any office concerns
o Navigating through E-Condo (sales system)
o Entering all new visitors to E-Condo
o Entering all new Agents to E-Condo
o Entering all new Brokers/Companies on E-Condo
o Assisting the Butler to close Sales Center/Sales Gallery

Physical 4 U Inc., Home Health Agency, Administrative assistant
Managing all paperwork regarding nurses and clients, and customer service:
o Giving all new clients and employees a “Welcoming”
o Answering all office calls with good attitude
o Answering all emails with promptness
o Giving a positive effort to find the right nurse/therapist for each patient
o Recruiting nurses (HHA, RN, LPN) and therapists (PT, PTA, OT, OTA, ST)
o Faxing and calling the primary care physicians to receive approvals for prescriptions
o Faxing and calling the insurance companies contracted with our agency to collect payment, get approval, or to send bills
o Emailing all employees on their corresponding jobs
o Keeping records of each patients’ medical chart
o Making sure that all Human Resource paperwork was signed, and up to date
o Booking new clients through other bigger agencies contracted with us
o Assigning all nurses and therapists to their giving patients for introduction
o Receiving all therapist evaluations
o Receiving all nurse notes and weekly time sheets
o Exchange of checks and paystubs

Affordable Auto and Truck Glass, Administrative Assistant
Assisting the office manager on a daily basis with all paper work and customer service:
o Answering any and all phone calls with the intent to serve the client to the best of my ability
o Scheduling all appointments for glass repair or replacement
o Responding to emailed referrals throughout the day
o Giving quotes to individual customers as well as insurance companies and dealerships
o Ordering parts for the following day
o Entering bills, credits, and invoices into Quickbooks
o Filing purchase orders and invoices
o Filing all bills and credits
o Pulling invoices to be attached to their purchase orders
o Entering all shop inventory
o Organizing file folders
o Managing Google calendar
o Fax/Scan any documents needed by our vendors or clients

iQor, for T-Mobile, Customer Service Representative
Providing the best customer service experience, open call with T-Mobile introduction with a positive attitude, and actively listening to the customers’ needs regarding:
o Accounts
o Bills and bill cycles
o Phones and equipment
o Existing plans and features or new plans and features
o Equipment installment plans
o Offers
o Troubleshooting equipment
o Activating Sim cards
o Transferring customers to other departments

Acknowledging client issues or concerns, such as:
o Letting them know you are interested and genuinely want to help them;
o Assuring them that you will do everything in your power to get their issue(s) resolved;
o After resolving the issue(s), assist them in moving forward with the call by asking the customer if there is anything else you can assist them with; and
o Close the call with T-Mobile signature.
· Fluent in both English and Spanish
· Computer Skills
· Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.
· Proficient in Sketchbook Pro
· Proficient in Quick Books