Bryant,Danielle_graphic design resume
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Location: Tallahassee, FL, USA
School: Florida A&M University
Major: Graphic Design

Bryant,Danielle_graphic design resume

Dani Bry, Freelance Graphic Designer
January ‘16 -
- Communicate thoroughly and ethically with customers
concerning agreements, design ideas and feedback
- Implement various elements from research and personal
knowledge to in order to create, stylize and portray a
- Utilize technical skills such as writing, interpersonal
relationships and customer management

October ‘13 -
Graphic Design, January ‘16 -
Math, October ’13 - March ‘15; September ’17 -
Language Arts, October ‘13 - March ‘15
- Develop a learning plan for each student to include
appropriated methods to ensure they obtain a better
understanding of the material and retain knowledge
- Assist students with homework assignments in subject
- Prepare students for upcoming examinations in subject

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church,
Children’s Church Junior Staff
January ‘09 - August ’15
- Facilitated and developed activities for weekly lessons
for student ages 5 to 12 years of age
- Ensured the well-fare of the students and provide
effective feedback to parents and students pertaining to
students’ behavior and progress
- Recommended multiple teaching avenues and products
to ensure effective learning

Teacher’s Assistant
August ‘14 - November ’14
- Developed educational displays and learning material for
elementary level students.
- Assisted the teacher with daily duties to include grading
homework assignments and quizzes

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