Brianna O’Donnell
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Location: Pensacola, FL, USA
School: Pensacola Christian College
Major: Biology

Brianna O’Donnell

Brianna C. O’Donnell
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As a Biologist, I hope to gain more experience and knowledge to effectively battle disease in developing countries. This objective includes obtaining a Master’s degree in a specialized field of the Biological sciences.
Bachelor of science | 2016 | pensacola christian college
Major: Concentration in Biology
Related Coursework:
Anatomy and Physiology
Principles in Genetics
Organic Chemistry
Cell Biology
Professional Issues in Biology

Developed resilient management skills under high-stress environments.
Established keen research abilities for relevant scientific topics.
Acquired exceptional communication skills for both the classroom and peer environments.
Taught English in Santiago, Chile with a humanitarian group from my college.
Elected as the League Representative for Delta Gamma Rho in college, along with being selected by the college to be an APL (Assistant Prayer Leader).
Selected as a leading server for Pensacola Christian College Special Events Catering.
Camp counselor along with team leader at Camp Northfield.
Science teacher | heritage christian school | august 2016-current
Currently teach science for grades 7-12 including: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology I and II.
Organize and instruct labs for each class.
Oversee Heritage Christian School’s science fair competition for grades 9 and 11 in preparation for competing at a national level for the American Association for Christian Schools.

Plant biology