Brian Gauthier
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Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
School: Long Beach City College
Major: Cyber Security

Brian Gauthier

LBUI Properties LLC Downey, CA
2017-Present Investment Offers Manager
●Locating distressed properties, estimating cost of damages, writing formal
offers on properties, placing offers

2016–2019 Student Long Beach City College, CA
Cyber Security Major

Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors Downey, CA
2013– 2016 Owner
●Manufacturing high quality e-liquids for vaping.
●Sales in retail and wholesale
●Office and manufacturing warehouse management
●Worked with State of California and The City of Downey to develop safety
procedures and zoning laws to legally manufacture.

Semicoa Corporation Costa Mesa, CA
2010 – 2011 RAD Hard Total Quality Excellence Specialist
● Correct government protocols for radiation testing standards.
● Update status of changes submitted to the government.
● Update status of radiation tests, inventory of RAD hard parts, and RAD
● Create group D and radiation electrical travelers for the factory.
● Create documents with spread sheets, enter data, format, edit, and
analyze radiation test data.
● Deliver and pick up parts to and from radiation test house.
● Assisting engineers in test preparation
● Single Event Effects. Heavy Ions, Texas A & M University Cyclotron
Facility, College Station, TX
2009 – 2010 Receiving Inspections
● Conducting physical and visual quality tests on incoming materials to be
used for product
● Visual inspections and photography of die quality and orientation as well
as wire bond requirements and orientation on devices according to MIL-
PRF-19500 specifications

ICS Radiation Technologies Inc. Downey, CA
2006 – 2007 Director of Operations
●Supervising and training up to four people in radiation testing:
● Writing and revising Radiation Test Procedures
● Test coordination and scheduling
● Conducting tests of semiconductor devices
● Data processing, report generation, and distributing

2000 - 2006 Engineering Assistant
In addition with direct support to the Vice President as an administrative
●Assisting engineers in test preparation
●Total Dose (Co-60) Gamma Rays; Shepherd model 484, Shepherd Low
Dose sources, San Fernando, CA. and Salk Institute Room Source, La
Jolla, CA.
●Neutrons (1MeV); UC Davis TRIGA Reactor, McCulellan, CA.
● Single Event Effects. Heavy Ions, Texas A & M University Cyclotron
Facility, College Station, TX
● Single Event Effects Protons; Indiana University Cyclotron Facility,
Bloomington, IN.
●Dose Rate; Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory (BREL), Seattle, WA.
LINAC (electron) and FX75 Flash X-Ray
●Data collection and processing, Familiar with LTS 2020 IC Tester

1995 - 2004 Data Processing and General Office Procedures
● Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

High School Graduate, attending Long Beach City College (part time) with
a major in cyber security

Professional Publications
● Leif Z. Scheick, Michael Gauthier, Brian Gauthier, and Brian Triggs.
‘Recent Power MOSFET Test Results’ Presented at the IEEE Radiation
Effects Data Workshop, July 2011.

● Martha V. O’Bryan, Kenneth A. LaBel, Jonathan A. Pellish, Jean-Marie
Lauenstein, Dakai Chen, Cheryl J. Marshall, Raymond L. Ladbury, Timothy
R. Oldham, Hak S. Kim, Anthony M. Phan, Melanie D. Berg, Anthony B.
Sanders, Paul W. Marshall, Michael A. Xapsos, David F. Heidel, Kenneth P.
Rodbell, Jim W. Swonger, Don Alexander, Michael Gauthier, and Brian
Gauthier. “Recent Single Event Effects Compendium of Candidate
Electronics for NASA Space Systems Results’ Presented at the IEEE
Radiation Effects Data Workshop, July 2011.

Hobbies Certified Rescue Diver, Fitness, old VWs, Motorcycles, Aquariums,
Amateur Radio – KJ6YQV

References Available upon request

Administrative Assistant, Engineering Assistant, Director of Operations