Brent O'Brien
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Location: Newport Beach, CA, USA
School: UC Santa Barbara
Field of Study: Biochemistry

Brent O'Brien

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Newport Beach, CA 92660 ------------

Education: Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of California, Santa Barbara

Work Experience:
May 2008-present R & R Holdings, Inc. customer service and executive assistant San Clemente, CA
A technology company holding firm. Responsibilities include daily management of the firm’s primary investment concerns:

Advanced Combustion Technologies (hydrogen as a fuel technology)
Centaurus Diamond Technologies (Applied Carbon Science)
Cobalis corporation , producer of PreHistin an Allergy remedy

Advanced Combustion Technologies – ACT Hydrogen, Inc

Became a shareholder
Customer service in relation to servicing the principal’s existing investor base at meetings and over the phone.
Support of the company’s filing of its 5 patents now granted

Centaurus Diamond Technologies

Artificially grown diamonds for industrial, luxury, and semi-conductor use
Coordinate an investor roster for a private placement of funds into the company
Liaison between the company and its primary broker dealer
Assist the CEO and chairman of the board
Schedule meetings

Cobalis Corporation
sales coordinator for PreHistin, the company’s award winning allergy product
solicited and closed McKesson and Salvatori-Scott for the product PreHistin to be carried and sold at CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and 10,000 independent pharmacies
Initiated and conducted the work on the histogram and analytical data to support the wholesale effort of PreHistin

Customer service, data examination