Bilingual economist eager to gain information from data and drive the key economic decisions. Open to relocation.
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Location: Seattle, WA, USA
School: University of Washington
Major: Economics

Bilingual economist eager to gain information from data and drive the key economic decisions. Open to relocation.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA September 2017 – December 2019
Master of Arts in Economics
Relevant coursework: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Development Economics, Natural resources, Foundations of Data Science (ADSI Summer School)
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran September 2014 - June 2017
Master of Science in Economics
Thesis: Examining Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Success
Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran September 2010 – June 2014
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Honors: Ranked 2nd among 32 students with economics major, Member of the Exceptional Talents Community
Programming Languages: MATLAB, Python, NumPy, R, SQL
Statistical Software: Stata
Data Visualization: Tableau
Other tools: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, LATEX
Areas of Expertise include: Regression Analysis, Big Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning (Including Decision Trees), Forecasting and modeling, Data visualization, Research, Effective written and verbal presentation
Research Assistant
University of Washington, School of Public Health April 2019 – August 2019
• Conducted literature review on the association between work schedules and overweight/obesity
• Developed Stata codes for cleaning a large data set (NLSY97), data synthesis, and quantitative data analysis. Reshaped the data set from wide to long
Sharif University of Technology July 2015 – June 2017
• Conducted literature review on factors affecting students’ academic performance and their future employment
• Created VBA Macro codes in Microsoft Excel to match and combine sets of data
• Developed Stata codes for data cleaning and data synthesis
• Designed qualitative and quantitative approaches to evaluate the impact of academic background, class size, family income, and demographic variables on graduate studies performance
• Interpreted and presented analysis results. Authored technical reports.

University of Washington – Bothell September 2019 – December 2019
• Taught Managerial Economics
• Guided students on homework
• Provided feedback to improve students’ learning
University of Washington September 2018 – December 2018
• Taught Principles of Microeconomics
• Supervised student examinations and graded exams
• Offered constructive feedback based on student performance
• Motivated students to attain personal goals
Teaching Assistant
University of Washington January 2018 – June 2018
• Co-taught for Principles of Microeconomics
• Directed group discussions, problem-solving activities with quantitative application and modelling methodologies in Microeconomics
• Held instructional office hours
• Graded all exams
Shahid Beheshti University September 2011 – June 2012
• Co-taught for Statistics 1 & 2
• Co-authored “Statistics for Business and Economics 1 & 2, Rasa Publications, 2014”
• Relationship between Mother's Non-Standard Work Hours and Childhood Obesity
Investigated the relationship between mothers' non-standard work hours and overweight children using the dataset of National Longitudinal Survey of Youth from 1979 to 2016
• Referee Reports
A referee report on "Misbehavior in Common-Value Auctions." Levin, D., & Peck, J. (2019).
A referee report on" Firm growth and corruption: empirical evidence from Vietnam." Bai, J., Jay- achandran, S., Malesky, E. J., & Olken, B. A. (2017).
• Monetizing Fishing Location Choices
Analyzed welfare estimates for closures of fishing grounds by changing one of the main assumptions of "An expected profit model for monetizing fishing location choices." Haynie, A. C., & Layton, D. F. (2010).
• Consumer Contamination and Product Discounts, Joint work with B. Hajihashemi
Analyzed in-group versus outgroup sources of contamination of display products, and the impact on sale price
• Unemployment and Demand for Graduate Education
Analyzed the relationship between increasing unemployment among high-skilled workers and demand for graduate education
• Saving Behavior of Individuals, Joint work with A. Adibnia and A. Tahamtan
Analyzed the saving behavior of individuals theoretically and empirically using behavioral and classic approaches
• Assessing Unemployment Insurance
Investigated the ineffectiveness of unemployment insurance using extensive games with imperfect information
• Sanctions Removal and Iran’s Economy, Joint work with A. Adibnia and A. Ashtari
Analyzed the effect of sanctions removal on Iran’s economy by simulating a DSGE model

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