Bilingual dentistry degree
Location: Barcelona, España
School: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Major: Dentistry

Bilingual dentistry degree

My name is Aina Farré,
Recently graduated as dentist at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, I have finished a bilingual dentistry graduate program being in English and Spanish.
Working in a dental company in U.S., concretely in New York has been my longlife goal. I have relatives living in this fantastic country and despite the good education we have in Europe, there are no opportunities for talented and hard-working people who seek for a good and stable working position.

My professional experience comprehends multiple sectors, according to my life passions: health sciences, concretely dentistry and business management, since I am co-founder of two small companies located in Barcelona.

I am a friendly and open-minded individual, I strongly believe in my positive attitude, my communication skills, my great empathy, human sense and my professional experience facing public, working with multiple kinds of patients and also aiming to a great teamwork. The last year I performed two internships working as general dentist in a primary attention center of Barcelona, CAP La Marina and in a dental association, COEC. Some of the most relevant tasks I have performed while working as general dentist, include: treating scholars and pre-scholars, performing third molar extractions and sutures, performing first visits, taking multiple types of X- rays, prosthetic rehabilitation, restourative procedures as well as treatments to pediatric aged patients.
I have assisted periodontal and implant surgeries and I have frequently performed post-surgery controls and I have done oral tissue biopsies. I love to help patients, giving them advices regarding oral health in order to keep them motivated, aiming to a preventive densitry and improving the treatment results.
I have worked as dental assistant, front desk attendant and treatment plan coordinator in an orthodontics and pediatrics dental office located in Barcelona during two years.

I have obtained the CPR certificate, the Venopunction certificate and also the radio diagnosis and X-ray director license.

In my opinion, I think that I would be a great candidate to perform this internship. I would like to complete my professional experience working as dental assistant and improving my working capabilities before starting a post-graduate program at NYU in a near future.

I would like you to know that I am currently in Spain in touch with an agency that will perform all the paperwork and procedures in order to make easier the internship contract management.

Please, feel free to contact me to discuss any of my qualifications or experiences more in detail. My phone number is------------262. I am able to talk whenever you are.


Aina Farré

Aina Farre